Give space to new PM to develop country - MTUC


4 Mac 2020, 12:33 pagi

Updated 4 months ago


The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) said yesterday that new Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin should be given space to steer the country out of the current regressive situation that has adversely affected workers across the board.

MTUC president Halim Mansur (above), in congratulating Muhyiddin on his appointment as the eighth prime minister, said his formidable task has just begun and his priority should be to rebuild the nation and heal the wounds.

In a statement, MTUC pledged its full cooperation to the new government led by Muhyiddin in any endeavour that would lessen the financial burden of workers and ensure job security as well as boost the country's economy.

MTUC also welcomed the prime minister's assurance yesterday to form a clean cabinet that would work hard for all Malaysians.

Halim also urged the prime minister to give special attention to appointing the next human resources minister to ensure the rights of workers and unions were always upheld.

The new government should also ensure that employers do not take advantage of Covid-19 to dictate terms and that the revolving fund proposed by MTUC is given priority to help workers affected by the economic impact of the virus. 

He said there is also a dire need for the new government to draw up a medical insurance scheme for all Malaysians.

- Bernama 

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