300 clad in 'Malay warrior' outfits submit memo to Istana Negara

15 Feb 2020, 9:01 pagi

Updated a month ago


Some 300 protesters from "Pertubuhan-Pertubuhan Pembela Islam" (Pembela), a coalition of Malay-Muslim NGOs, today submitted a memorandum at Istana Negara calling on the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to intervene in what they claim were acts of insults against the monarchy, Malays and Muslims.

Many of the protesters, clad in baju Melayu with headgears similar to those worn by Malay warriors in the past, first gathered at 8am at the Federal Territories Mosque in Kuala Lumpur.

They carried flags and banners that read: "Obey the Rukun Negara", "Communists are terrorists" and "Uphold Tuanku's decree".

However, the group did not march to Istana Negara but instead drove there from the Federal Territories Mosque.

Pembela deputy president Masrizi Sad explained that there would be no procession as the group had not received police approval.

"We will drive there accompanied by the police," he said.

The group departed from the Federal Territories Mosque and headed to Istana Negara at 11.15am.

However, only three representatives were allowed into the compound of Istana Negara to submit the memorandum.

The three representatives emerged after 40 minutes and were cheered on by their supporters.

The memorandum was handed over to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong's senior private secretary, Nazim Mohd Alim.

Masrizi said Nazim will convey the memorandum to the king.

"We submitted the memorandum because there are efforts to reject the sovereignty of the Malay rulers and religion (Islam).

"This includes the Jawi writing and communist issues that have happened recently, these are threats to national security," he said.

Masrizi was referring to the objection by vernacular schools against the introduction of three pages of Jawi lessons in the Year 4 Bahasa Malaysia textbook and a gathering of former communists in December last year.

However, Msrizi did not appear keen about handing over the same memorandum to the government.

"The government is facing uncertainty, they are also facing internal problems. How are we to complain to them?" he said.

Meanwhile, Gabungan Pertubuhan Silat Pertahan Perlembagaan (Pertahan) chairperson Sahruddin Esa said they may also consider submitting another memorandum to the Selangor palace.

He said this is considering the gathering of former communists in December last year that took place in Kajang, which is in Selangor.

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