Can we stop listening to these people?

Azly Rahman

2 Feb 2020, 3:07 am

Updated 2 months ago



COMMENT | It is not rocket science. It is not a complicated issue. It is not necessary to talk to these “stakeholders in education” when it comes to the teaching of Maths and Science in English, I’d say.

I have written umpteen times on the issue of our refusal to teach this advanced-technological lingua franca to our children in schools as a medium of instruction. The government today, and of the past, cannot continue to be bullied endlessly by these “ultra-Malay-linguistic nationalists” who are, out of idiotic pride and nationalistic false consciousness, trying to bring back the Malays especially to the times of Malacca Sultanate, thinking that Bahasa Melayu can be at par with English as the language of technological progress.

As one who has taught English and more than 50 courses in the English language in my teaching career, I must say how frustrating and boring it is to read, for decades since the 80s, the opposition to the language of instruction of critical importance...

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