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Yoursay: Lawyer wanted to win so badly he stirred up racial tensions?

YOURSAY | ‘Mohd Khairul can claim victory for an act of stupidity.’

I have won, says lawyer who complained about CNY decorations in school

Moontime: So, lawyer Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz, you declared yourself the winner. Yippee hooray.

But do you know who the loser is? The right-minded, pro-harmonious average citizen who is puzzled by your seemingly blatant racist act.

Do you think if first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman were alive today, he will support your pathetic decision? Nope. Congratulations for becoming idiot of the month.

Gerard Lourdesamy: This so-called lawyer should be investigated under the Sedition Act.

The police were clearly wrong to advise the school to remove the Chinese New Year decorations based on the complaint of a few narrow-minded persons with vested interests in the matter.

So next, if non-Muslims complain about Hari Raya decorations, will the police take similar action?

The police should have referred the matter to the Education Ministry instead of basing their action on the baseless allegations of racists and fanatics who seem to have proliferated since the 14th general elections.

The school principal was also wrong to act on the complaint of unscrupulous persons, more so, when the school is 80 percent non-Malay.

In my firm, we have staff of all races and religions, and we put up decorations for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Christmas and Deepavali, and give them a week off with full pay for each of these major festivals apart from their bonus.

Nobody has made an issue about it. Hanging a lantern, ketupat, oil lamp or star is not going to make you a Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or Christian.

This lawyer has on several occasions brought the legal profession into disrepute. The Bar Council should lodge a complaint against him with the Disciplinary Board.

Race, religion and political affiliations should not matter when it comes to the conduct, professionalism and integrity of lawyers, especially those who like to open their mouth in public and crave media attention despite their intellectual limitations.

Athena: Your ‘V’ stands for vulgar and vagabond. What victory are you talking about?

When you behave like an imbecile and do something stupid, you have a full force of ministers responding immediately to slap you on the face and reject your racist rants.

Victory is not yours. Victory is ours for we have rejected your hardline and divisive ways.

My Understanding: Mohd Khairul, how much have you won? Did you calculate the cost you have incurred on behalf of your race, religion and profession?

Appum: Yes, you won. What did you win?

You won in making a fool of yourself. You won in making people see the low-quality lawyer you are and someone really ignorant of our constitution.

You won in making the right-thinking Muslims think what a disgrace you are to Islam, which is a religion of peace and respect for others.

So you won on those ground. But in our multi-cultural and multi-religious nation, you lost big!

Anonymous_1544340881: Well, he is right in a sense. For a nobody, he dictated the agenda for a day.

Yes, he is a racist. Yes, he is idiotic. But he did get so many people upset that even the cabinet must intervene because the police backed down again at the sight of the Malay extremist agenda.

Why? Because there is no blowback for his atrocious actions. Like when Puteri Umno leader who thumbed her nose at the inspector-general of police (IGP) by calling an Islamic State wannabe a martyr and the victim a ‘kafir’ (non-Muslim) and yet nothing happened.

Unless these idiots are hit by the police and hit hard and sent to jail for five years, which is only half of the sentence the mentally unstable young Sarawakian boy got for disparaging Islam, these idiots will continue their nonsense.

The IGP talks the good talk but really takes no action, and continuously kowtow to the extremists. At least, both the IGP and home minister have stopped saying "last warning" after the last five or six "last warnings” were ignored.

We have thankfully been spared having to hear such empty and pointless utterances. In these times, we need to be grateful for such little mercies.

Gaji Buta: Pakatan Harapan is probably the government in office with the least courage.

Instead of issuing a clear directive to the school and ordering police action against the troublemaker, seven ministers had to go to a school for a gimmick which achieved nothing concrete to prevent this kind of incident from happening again.

Malays Malaise: The question is - why do our leaders and authorities allow Malay racists to win time and again?

That is the question that our leaders need to have the guts to answer. But I’m not counting on it.

Mah Kau Fan: I would add too that the police also need to be more informed. Just on a baseless complaint, they acted to advise the school to bring the decor down.

Wasn’t there anyone in the entire police force that could have told them that there was no religious significance to the Chinese New Year decorations?

And even if they didn't have that in-house resource, couldn't they have reached out to external parties to verify and understand that first before hastily demanding the removal of the decorations?

Drngsc: Such a small-minded man. Now you know that some people just have no integrity. He is prepared to create racial controversy just to get some publicity. This kind of people are despicable. They do not value living in peace and harmony.

What kind of lawyer is he?

FlabberPro: Indeed, what kind of lawyers do we have in the country? This man's logic and moral compass seem to be malfunctioning. If anything, he is saying something damaging to his own reputation.

Khairul must go back to school again to learn what is right and what is not. Perhaps someone from the mosque could teach him about respecting other people's tradition and custom.

Does he even know what Chinese New Year is all about? His license as a lawyer should be suspended indefinitely.

GalaxyM: This half-baked lawyer is thick-skinned and shameless.

I'm sure he is old enough to understand our country is one that is shared by many races practising different cultures and believing in different religions and using different languages but accepting Bahasa Malaysia as our national language.

What on earth makes him so arrogant and audacious to even make a claim in public he has won the silly act of making the school take down the Chinese New Year decorations and requiring the seven ministers to put them back?

It's time the new Harapan government re-educate a segment of the population who are still adamant in looking at this multi-racial country through their two eyes viewing everything based on their sickening race and religion mentality.

Dudeno: Tanglung lanterns have nothing to do with religion. They are just traditional forms of lighting coloured red in the belief it attracts good luck and prosperity.

It is like saying bamboo lampu pelita (a type of oil lamp) lit during Hari Raya is propagating the religion to non-Muslims.

How did this guy become a lawyer? He seems every bit an ignorant fool.'

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