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COMMENT | What has not changed with the change of government in May 2018? The thinking of Malay leaders that the non-Malays, Chinese in particular, need to accept their point of view on matters they feel strongly about; without the need to reason or be subject to open discussions.

In simple language, "Malay hegemony "is still alive and well on matters considered 'sensitive 'to the Malays. The non-Malays must accept them without question. Unity and racial harmony, according to these Malay leaders, are predicated on this "sufferance" by the non-Malays

Although our first prime minister was spot on when he said in 1958 that the non-Malays were happy to do their business and carry on with their lives; and was willing to let the Malays decide on political matters, it's no longer true now.

Today, the non-Malays are more conscious of their rights as citizens; and more willing to assert themselves, as they should, on matters which they consider important...

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