Yoursay: Najib, money doesn't just go missing in Switzerland


15 Dec 2019, 11:14 pm

Updated a year ago


YOURSAY | 'There is a reason why some of the world's richest people keep their money there.'

Najib says he, too, wants to know truth of SRC's 'missing' RM4b

Vgeorgemy: It was reported in October 2016 that the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) appeared to be very frustrated.

In January that year, the Swiss authority revealed it suspected that about US$4 billion had been misappropriated from “Malaysian state companies”.

The OAG also said they had discovered at least four cases involving allegations of misconduct between 2009 and 2013.

In addition, Swiss AG Michael Lauber believed that US$800 million had been misappropriated from investments made by SRC International, a unit of Malaysia’s Finance Ministry and 1MDB.

Back then, the Swiss OAG said it would formally ask Malaysian authorities for mutual legal assistance (MLA).

The OAG eventually realised the government of Malaysia did not give their papers of request for assistance any thought at all.

Clearly disappointed, the Swiss said their initial request to Malaysia was “still pending” since they opened their investigation papers in August 2015.

Coincidently, Najib was the PM and finance minister, as well as the chairperson of 1MDB, although laughably, he had denied any wrongdoing.

All the above-mentioned were reported in 2016. Today, the accused wants to know the truth from the current Malaysian AG.

The former AG Mohamed Apandi Ali didn’t cooperate with Switzerland’s MLA on the SRC International’s fund.

A simple Google search could have easily provided troves of information about SRC funds kept for so-called “investments”.

Dummies Dhimmi: Indeed, you had your minions, especially the then AG, saying that the money in Switzerland does not belong to Malaysia and even refused to cooperate with the Swiss government to investigate what they believed was money laundering on a massive scale.

Citizen: Poor Najib! Everybody is criticising and blaming him for taking money which never belonged to him. Had we done that, we would be considered thieves.

And now for the trillion-dollar question: Why did you sack/remove/transfer those involved in investigating the scandal since you are claiming to be innocent?

Did Jho Low tell you to do that?

Dudeno: Najib, oh, Najib - pretending he doesn't know where the RM4 billion of SRC money went.

Money doesn't just go missing in Switzerland. There is a reason why some of the richest people in the world keep their money there.

Now he says he wants to know the truth.

Anonymous_7d1ca773: That kleptocrat could not even monitor RM4 billion and he got the cheek to answer Attorney-General Tommy Thomas that he appointed himself finance minister due to his business knowledge and experience.

He is apparently caught red-handed in his contradicting statements. Smart of the AG in his line of questioning.

Cicak Boy: I think Najib's defence strategy veered between insanity and stupidity.

Until May 2018, he was the most powerful person in Malaysia but only now he wants to know what happened to the RM4 billion?

What was he doing since 2015 when the Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report broke the news?

Newday: Yes, Najib, how are you going to establish anything now? Remember you are no longer in charge.

We all remember you blocking Swiss authorities in their request for help after they had identified misappropriation of US$3.3 billion.

You do know the Swiss are exceptional at this financial investigation stuff, don’t you? You are just digging a deeper hole every day in the cross-examination of the SRC trial.

Across The Straits: So you want to know where the money went?

The films, the yacht, the mansions, the diamond rings, the watch, the parties, the US$2,000 champagne, etc.

But of course, you already know the answer.

Clever Voter: Najib, as expected, is playing dumb. Who can be dumber than that? Surely the country should not be insulted with such a reply.

So much money lost or disappeared. Surely as 1MDB chairperson, he is accountable. No one agency with the public interest in mind should even get away with such behaviour.

Rupert16: I think most of us are interested to know the truth as to why Najib was reluctant or refused to cooperate with the Swiss authorities when the Swiss were requesting our assistance and cooperation in their investigations of massive money transfers from SRC and 1MDB to their banks?

Mind you, at that time Najib was holding all levers of power in the country, as well as the man in charge of SRC and 1MDB.

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