Dr Mahathir is poor in Maths

Richard K H Teo

24 Nov 2019, 5:11 am

Updated a year ago


Dr Mahathir Mohamad (above) is poor in Maths. If he were good in Maths he would not have committed so many mistakes in his policies.

How do you explain his policy of pandering to the Malays when his support from the Malays in the last GE 14 was a miniscule 20 percent, which bagged him only 13 seats in Malay majority seats?

To put matters in proper perspective, in the last election, Pakatan Harapan obtained 20 percent support from the Malay electorate, but won the election with an overwhelming support of 80 percent support from the non-Malay community.

An intelligent politician would continue to nurture and pander to the 80 percent support, and at the same time try to win more support from the Malay voters. That policy would defintely ensure victory in the next election, but surprisingly Mahathir did the opposite. Instead he tried to pander to the minority 20 percent he had and virtually alienated the 80 percent support he had before. That virtually sealed the dissatrous result at the Tanjong Piai by-election.

Mahathir's policy decisions, which included the khat issue , the Zakir Naik issue, the UEC issue, the local election issue, the arrest of LTTE supporters, all contributed to his failure to win support from his majority supporters.

The buck stops with the PM. and he cannot be absolved from blame by pointing the failure of Tanjong Piau at his cabinet.

Mahathir has to step down now to give Anwar Ibrahim ample time to fix the damage that he has caused. Failure to do this would only mean the return of Najib and his sycophants who would continue their carnage with more scandals.

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