Sarawak Land Code (Amendment) 2018 protects bumiputera customary land


21 11月 2019, 2:18 下午

Updated 2 years ago


The perimeter survey in accordance with the Sarawak Land Code (Amendment) 2018 is to ensure that bumiputera customary land rights in the state are protected and preserved.

Chief Minister Abang Johari Tun Openg (above) said the amendments to the Land Code gave the force of law to the custom of creating native territorial domain, including ‘Pemakai Menua’ (territorial domain) and ‘Pulau Galau’ (communal forest reserve).

He said in the amendments, the consolidation of the ‘Pemakai Menua’ and ‘Pulau Galau’ land, otherwise known as the Native Territorial Domain (NTD), was implemented under section five, section six and section 18 of the Land Code.

“We (the state government) have put it all together so that the lands owned by the bumiputera can be well managed where all customary lands have the force of law.

“For the record, measurement under section five is to recognise the NTD, section six is to carry out a survey measuring the perimeter so that there is no conflict (no overlapping claim) and section 18 to issue land titles," he said.

Abang Johari said this at the closing ceremony of the Land Code (Amendment) Forum 2018 for the southern zone of Sarawak here today.

He added, that if the government had issued land titles, he wants the bumiputera people in the state to cultivate their land for agricultural purposes.


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