Yoursay: Was Najib shocked by RM42mil that went into his bank account?


12 Nov 2019, 12:57 pagi

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YOURSAY | ‘Why did he not lodge a single report to the authorities in relation to those deposits?’

Court orders Najib to enter defence for all seven SRC charges

Shafee: Najib shocked, expected to be acquitted of all charges

Najib hopes to clear name with defence witnesses proving his innocence

Kawak: It is shocking that former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak had expected to be acquitted of all seven charges. But, we ordinary citizens, want justice to prevail.

The country has lost so much of taxpayers' money. The present government is burdened with a gigantic debt. Some of SRC's money had gone into Najib's bank account for his personal use.

The defence's claim that Najib was unaware that the money in his personal bank account came from SRC does not hold water.

Guy in the Glass: ‘Shock’ is the new buzz word. He was ‘shocked’ when he found RM42 million in his account.

He is now ‘shocked’ that his defence was being called. And he was ‘syok’ (delighted) when he spent the RM42 million from SRC. Give me a break.

Phanga 1742: Defence lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, answer the following:

Why did Najib, as the prime minister of a country then - who presumably would have the highest integrity - decided to spend money deposited into his personal bank account knowing very well that it does not belong to him?

Why did he not lodge a single report to the authorities in relation to those deposits?

Why, when investigations were ongoing, did he decide to shut them down by sacking the attorney-general and transferring the investigators from their positions.

Iphonezour: Now the onus is on Najib to prove his innocence. No amount of prayer will hide the truth. Let the courts decide, and if he is found guilty, he shall in prison.

Another Komentar: There are still many turnpikes, nooks and corners before Najib is convicted, sentenced, and his appeals dismissed. Political events, people and "things" can still happen to set him free.

No euphoria yet. The road to justice in Malaysia will be a long and arduous journey, let's remember that.

Sarawakian: Yes, ‘Bossku’ will still be around for at least two more years.

His defence and the prosecution’s cross-examination will take maybe nine more months at least. The judgment may take another three months. One year would have passed to reach a guilty verdict.

The next step would be the Court of Appeal - one more year until the Court of Appeal finds him guilty, and then the Federal Court might decide to hear his appeal, and this will take another one or two years.

Maybe the case would go on until after the 15th general election. That is assuming Bossku or Shafee don’t have any more red eyes.

Evin K: Well, that is obviously the hope of every accused criminal on this planet – to have their names cleared. It’s apparent now that Najib’s defence team have done a terrible job at defending him thus far.

They must change this bizarre and condescending narrative of theirs that Najib was supposedly only an innocent victim of the fugitive Jho Low’s evil and masterful deceit, if they were to stand a chance at defending Najib.

Only a moron will believe that a prime minister, who’s been in politics for more than 40 years, who’s held many government portfolios, can be that gullible and naive, and manipulated entirely by Low; particularly when there were too many red flags, called out by too many people, most of which fell on Najib’s deaf ears - blatantly disregarded by him.

What is clear, thus far, based on all the data and information presented to date, is Low was Najib’s proxy and now his fall guy.

If there’s a victim here, it’s him. Low was given way too much power for someone so young and inexperienced, simply because of the influential Saudi contacts he had.

He was used, but he clearly didn’t mind being used because it made him a very wealthy and powerful man. The seductive lives of the rich and famous are just too attractive for anyone to let slip.

Anonymous Observer: I don't think the defence can create doubt on the prosecution's case, unless the BN takes over, which is what Najib and his lackeys are praying for.

The finality is written on the wall and it's crystal clear. However, the people must be solidly behind Pakatan Harapan in order to ensure justice is served. Otherwise, the culprit will let off scot-free by the corrupted BN.

Lord Denning: If Shafee manages to get his client off the hook, he should be the next attorney-general. The evidence seems incontrovertible thus far.

It would be interesting to see how Shafee frames his defence.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Shafee please stop talking and proceed with your client's defence.

From my 26 years of experience at the Bar - which is far less than Shafee - counsel who make the most amount of noise both inside and outside the court do it because they have a weak case.

Enough of your daily media statements and pathetic attempts at distraction from the clear facts and evidence in the case.

It is very unseemly for counsel to speak to the press about the merits of his client's case when the matter is pending adjudication before the court.

Unspin: When Najib gets grilled by the prosecution, let's hope that he doesn't lose his cool like the Al Jazeera interview with Mary Ann Jolley.

The beauty this time is that he cannot just walk away from the "interview" set.

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