Education Ministry mulls action against debate jury, panel lists


15 Okt 2019, 2:34 tengahari

Updated a year ago


The Education Ministry is looking into the possibility of taking action against the jury head and adjudicators in the Piala Tun Razak debate tournament following the issue of its topic which went viral for allegedly discussing sensitive religious issues.

According to the ministry, investigations found that the chief adjudicators Mohammad Aidil Ali and Iyad Zakiy Amal did not discuss or get the views of Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak (SDAR), Seremban, Negeri Sembilan where the debate was held.

It stated that SDAR also said the standard operating procedure of the debate had been explained to the chief jury so that its topic did not touch on sensitive issues pertaining to religion, race, culture and anything that could threaten national security.

In a statement issued today, the ministry said the Higher Education Department would look at the possibility of taking action against Mohammad Aidil and Iyad Zakiy who were students of a public institute of higher learning.

“The ministry will not compromise with anyone who violates the regulations intentionally or not by organising programmes which disrupt peace between (people of different) races and religions,” it said.

The issue about the debate which was between schoolchildren has gone viral on social media. - Bernama

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