A sorry tale of two Malaysias

Mariam Mokhtar

26 Sep 2019, 11:20 malam

Updated a year ago


COMMENT | The nation is in a mess, primarily because of Umno-Baru. For 62 years, they sold the Malays a lie, which was believed lock, stock and barrel.

Malays are in positions of power in government, the civil service and the armed forces. They dictate policies and run the wheels of government; but Malays are also the nation’s worst hypocrites.

Many are greedy. Many are happy with short-term solutions. The majority do not think of the consequences and are happy to hide behind the cloak of race and religion, if it will bring them some material benefit or status. The day they lose everything will probably be the day they will regain their humility, values and self-respect.

Who stole from the rakyat? Malay leaders. Who mismanaged Tabung Haji and GLCs like Mara and Felda? Malays...

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