Yoursay: Is PAS telling DAP ‘don’t do as I do’?


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YOURSAY | ‘Non-Muslims never question what is being preached in mosques…’.

I was speaking to Christians in a church, Sim tells Tuan Ibrahim

Anonymous 2413471460628504: These people will use any reason to spin a tale. A whiff of smoke becomes a raging fire by their telling. Utterly irresponsible, utterly incendiary!

Are they that stupid or are they knowingly working towards upsetting the Muslims to win in the next election or worse, to cause strife and division now so as to bring down the current government through an uprising?

GalaxyM: Indeed, don't expect much from the racists and extremists waiting to cause more division and hatred with the formation of the unholy PAS-Umno alliance.

Clever Voter: Oversensitive or just being opportunistic? Frankly, many can't be bothered because they, no matter what religion or race, have to work to earn their living.

People like PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man is someone who earns his living through spreading lies. Perhaps we should keep away from such trash.

Anonymous_1543574477: What has this country come to? Why can’t Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Steven Sim address a Christian congregation about the goodness of being a good Christian in a church?

David Dass: A meeting in church premises with members of the church calling on Christians to contribute to nation-building in accordance with Christian values is a problem?

Tuan Ibrahim or any other PAS leader should attend Christian services so that they understand how Christians pray, worship and undertake their Christian duties.

He will see that Christians do not spend any time criticising members of any other religion. He will also see that Christians accept their responsibility to help anyone no matter what his faith or race.

He will also be surprised to discover that Christians do not mix politics with religion.

Anonymous_1cfb3ab6: Tuan Ibrahim and his ilk - like their boss, Abdul Hadi Awang - know next to nothing except using race and religion to drum up support for their party.

Non-Muslims never question what is being preached or whenever Muslim politicians make speeches in mosques.

Otherwise, be fair to all. All politicians should stop going to temples, churches and mosques.

Pegasus: When Zakir Naik was at an evening event in a mosque in Malacca, Ayer Keroh assemblyperson DAP leader Kerk Chee Yee was told to mind his own business as it was a Muslim event.

He was told that the Muslims don’t interfere in other people’s religious events at temples and churches so he shouldn’t poke his nose in their Muslim event held in a mosque.

Likewise, why was Tuan Ibrahim poking his nose in non-Muslims’ affairs held in a church? He should mind his own business just like we non-Muslims have been told to mind ours.

Honma: “Tuan Ibrahim said PAS-Umno's alliance would not sideline other races and religions.”

Does he expect us to believe him when he accused DAP of Christianisation without any proof? And this is the same man who said the alliance with Umno will not sideline other races and religions.

Ravinder: Hello Tuan Ibrahim, if Sim was giving a talk in a church, who was he Christianising? Were any Malays in the church?

Doomsayer: If you don’t talk about Christianity in a church, what do you expect them to talk about? Talk about Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism in a church?

Just A Malaysian: Indeed, PAS leaders has intelligence and logic of an earthworm.

They are one-dimensional spinners of lies in spite of trying to look and sound pious and holy. They are an embarrassment to the religion they represent.

Vgeorgemy: It is well-known among the population that Tuan Ibrahim is an extremist determined to deny the religious minorities of their constitutional right to practice the religion of their choice.

Whatever may be our political lineage, we have to admit one crucial fact – that the klepto-theological alliance of Umno-PAS is a menace to Malaysia’s unity, peace, security and progress.

Anonymous_4020: Sim is another stupid DAP Christian MP. You know for a fact that the PAS will use this as their propaganda. Still, you are stupid enough to do it.

2 Cents: @Anonymous_4020, Sim is a Christian, so it is his freedom to speak in a place of worship of his religion.

Does it mean that he has to forego his faith simply because he got elected as an MP and appointed as a deputy minister? I am not too sure who is really stupid here.

Ramesh Nair: I would urge the deputy minister and church members to:

1. Make a police report on Tuan Ibrahim's claims for the authorities to start an investigation.

2. Sue him for defamation to stop similar statements from the political party leaders or members.

If no action is taken, the irresponsible politicians will be free to make such statements and start fanning hatred with their wild assumptions.

Anonymous1782363462927: No, it’s pointless to make a police report. You will be investigated instead of the utterer of hate speech.

Apanakdikato: Yes, legal action is the only recourse here. Otherwise, DAP is indirectly admitting that the allegation is true, and PAS/Umno will be emboldened to make more of such allegations.

Norman Fernandez: In 2013, as the Johor state DAP deputy chairperson, I said openly that DAP was a danger to non-Muslims. First to come to the defence of PAS was the DAP omnipotent and his chosen one.

Today, I am proven correct and I reiterate what I said about PAS. The holy grail of PAS is to make non-Muslims nothing more than dhimmis and to impose on non-Muslims, PAS version of Islam.

Non-Muslims must never ever support PAS and by extension, whoever is in alliance with them. PAS is not only a danger to non-Muslims but also good sensible Muslims.

Anonymous_b3cdcd05: An idle mind is a devil's workshop. More so, those who suffer from guilt and insecurity arising from lack of morality and self-worth.

And particularly those who depend on race and religious extremism, and spewing hate and lies to cover up their stolen wealth and undeserved comforts.

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