Kerk calls on Malacca gov't to act on Zakir Naik event

2 Sep 2019, 1:03 pagi

Updated a year ago


Ayer Keroh assemblyperson Kerk Chee Yee has called on the Malacca government to uphold a decision not to allow controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik to speak in the state.

This comes after posters advertising the A Night of Islamic Unity event on Sept 7, and bearing the images of Zakir and Masjid Cina Melaka chairperson Mohd Rafiq Naizamohideen, were circulated. 

Rafiq is also the Malacca exco for industry, trade and investment, and sits on the Bersatu supreme council.

The poster states that Zakir will be attending solat berjemaah and ibadah sunat, which are prayer and worship ceremonies.

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Kerk, the exco for communication, multimedia, youth development and sports, said that even if the preacher does not speak at the event, it would go against the spirit of the decision to bar him from making public speeches.

"He may not be giving talks, but he is a controversial figure to many Malaysians.

"All government personnel should obey the spirit of our chief minister's decision of banning Zakir from speaking in Malacca to preserve harmony in the state," he said in a Facebook post last night.

On Aug 19, Malacca Chief Minister Adly Zahari was reported as saying that the state would not allow Zakir to speak in its territories.

The next day, police imposed a blanket ban on programmes linked to the preacher nationwide, citing security reasons.

Bukit Aman corporate communications head Asmawati Ahmad said at the time that the order was issued to prevent a tense atmosphere from being created.


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