Yoursay: PAS, the days of ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ are gone


19 Aug 2019, 11:49 pm

Updated a year ago


YOURSAY | ‘If some cabinet members do not agree with the PM, it does not mean insubordination.'

Insubordinate ministers must quit or be axed – PAS

Anonymous 133971438080786: PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan, you must be nuts to call for the removal of ministers who oppose the prime minister’s policies. The days of one man running this country is over.

There must be consultation and an agreement among all members of cabinets in managing this country. Remember, this is no longer a BN-led government.

The welfare of the people is far more important than the prime minister.

Newday: Takiyuddin, how many times did you exhort your followers to obey at all times?

You in PAS oppose anything and everything that points to Malaysia being a modern democratic and humanistic nation – opposing the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd) and Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) are just two of those.

You sneak around trying to get syariah law up and running, which is not the way. But here you are telling the government what to do with errant ministers.

Guess what, PAS, in the modern world, blind obedience doesn't work. In the modern world, we can talk freely and have diverse opinions about many things even when we are on the same side of politics.

That is what makes us strong, not like your over one million members who never dare to speak out for fear of severe persecution by those at the top.

TPN: PAS, ministers are not yes-men. The prime minister should bring up matters in his cabinet to be discussed before decisions are made.

This is not PAS, which would just follow the leader blindly. If he jumps into the river, you will join him too.

Kit P: This PAS politician has no understanding of the decision-making role of the cabinet.

The ministers are not subordinates who just say “Yes” to the prime minister’s marching orders. The cabinet collectively makes major government decisions.

Chuen Tick: Takiyuddin, I suppose you are referring to the concept of collective responsibility in cabinet.

Well, you wolves in religious robes were frolicking in bed with former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak for many a moon before you openly embraced each other – so, you should be the last one to tell us about moral principles.

But, yes, on the basis of cabinet collective responsibility, cabinet members should stand by decisions made or resign. But we don't see that happening here, we see the formation of MCA 2.0.

Anonymous 2465861491622056: The prime minister cannot run the country as a dictator.

All decisions are made by the cabinet, and if some cabinet members do not agree with the prime minister, it does not mean this is insubordination.

PAS cannot even understand how democracies work.

Falcon: Our system of government is a parliamentary democracy, and, there must be collective, respectful, and transparent decision-making – through consultation.

This is not a caliphate nor a dictatorship.

On a personal level, wouldn’t it be far better if you could enlighten all Malaysians: Why the super spiralling increase in social and other ills in your state (Kelantan), which is masquerading as “heaven on earth”?

After all, before advising others, is it not a norm that charity and good governance starts at home?

Fair Malaysian: The party that is doing the greatest damage to this country is PAS, and this man (Takiyuddin) has no shame in blaming others.

They can't talk about economics and their management abilities are doubtful. All they can talk about is race and religion; day in day out, it is nothing but religion.

This is a multiracial country and to preserve the harmony among the races and religions, all race and religious-based parties should be banned. Any party that is not multiracial should not be allowed to exist.

It is sad that we only have had and have "prime ministers" and not “leaders”, who are still grappling with running a multiracial and multireligious country.

All they seem to revel at is to punch holes using racial or religious rhetoric.

AJ: I would rather sack lazy, unproductive ministers than ministers who oppose or question the prime minister; which tells me they don't follow orders like buffalos, and they can think.

Capo: The opposition is becoming more vocal because it is the prime minister who has embolden them.

It is Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad who should quit or be axed for unilaterally and dictatorially making decisions on matters related to national policies.

And he deserves to be axed for breaking all manifesto promises and making secret pacts with the opposition to undermine and destabilise Pakatan Harapan.

A prime minister who gives “licence” to a hate preacher to terrorise his own citizens must be the first to be given the boot.

A multiracial and multicultural country like ours simply needs a prime minister with the same mindset.

Vent: The fact that PAS is openly supporting the old man and deriding the ministers who question his policies speaks volumes of the state of things to come that we shouldn't ignore.

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