Besut police chief loses right thumb in parang attack


15 Aug 2019, 2:16 pm

Updated a year ago


Besut district police chief Mohd Zamri Mohd Rowi lost his right thumb and suffered injuries in the back of his head after he was slashed by a man, believed to be mentally unstable, in front of his house in Kampung Padang Luas, Besut this afternoon.

Terengganu police chief Aidi Ismail said police have arrested the suspect at 4.15 pm at Felda Selasih, Besut as he attempted to escape.

“During the incident, the victim was approached by a 32-year-old suspect, who was Mohd Zamri’s neighbour, to complain that the victim had planted a coconut tree on his land.

“The victim ignored and asked the suspect to go home instead, but the suspect went to his car and brought out a parang before slashing the victim,” he told reporters when met at the intensive care unit of the Kubang Kerian Hospital in Kota Bharu.

Aidil said the victim, 55, had earlier tried to avoid the suspect, who swung the parang at his head, causing Mohd Zamri to fall, and a scuffle between the two ensued.

“The suspect then started swinging his parang which hit and severed the victim’s right thumb. The victim was reported stable and still being treated at HUSM,” he added.

Terengganu police conducted an investigation and found that the suspect had met with Mohd Zamri prior to this, claiming that his house was raided by the police.

“But the claim was found to be untrue. The case is being investigated under Section 326 of the Penal Code,” Aidi added.

- Bernama

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