Going for S'gor MB's jugular could backfire on Anwar, warn analysts

Zikri Kamarulzaman

9 Aug 2019, 8:39 am

Updated a year ago


Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari might be safe for now but it does not mean that the daggers have been sheathed.

PKR factionalism would continue to plague Amirudin, who is aligned to deputy president Azmin Ali, and any political missteps could turn DAP - who have decided to remain neutral for now - against him.

While those who seek to depose the menteri besar might do so in PKR president Anwar Ibrahim's name, political analysts, however, believe such a move could backfire on the prime minister-in-waiting.

Independent analyst Jeniri Amir said a coup in Selangor would have nationwide ramifications ....

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