Cops record Lokman's statement on 'IGP lied about sex video' charge

26 Jul 2019, 5:16 pagi

Updated a year ago


Lokman Noor Adam has been summoned to Bukit Aman over his allegation that Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador lied about a sex video implicating a senior minister.

Speaking to reporters outside the federal police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today, the Umno supreme council member reiterated his allegation.

"He (Hamid) is unfit to be the police chief because he was not telling the truth about the forensic analysis by CyberSecurity (Malaysia).

"DNA samples extracted from the mattress (in the hotel room) have been concealed. Many things can be extracted such as sweat, nails and hair," he added.

Prior to this, Lokman had claimed that Indonesian experts he consulted used Error Level Analysis (ELA) to ascertain that it was, allegedly, Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali and former PKR Santubong Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz in the video.

Previously, Hamid said while the video was most likely authentic, the facial recognition process carried out by Cybersecurity Malaysia failed to link Azmin to the recording of two men in bed.

After the video was leaked, Haziq confessed to being one of the persons in the video.

He claimed the other person was Azmin and that their alleged tryst took place in the minister's hotel room in Sandakan, Sabah, in May.

Meanwhile, Hamid had also disclosed that a political leader was behind the distribution of the video to tarnish the minister's reputation.

The police chief also said hundreds of thousands of ringgit were spent on producing the video, which Azmin claimed was aimed at ruining his political career.

Among those arrested in connection with the case was PKR president Anwar Ibrahim's political secretary Farhash Wafa Salvador.

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