Amid infighting, Perak PKR’s Chua calls for patience and discipline

23 Jul 2019, 11:03 malam

Updated a year ago


Amid escalating infighting within PKR, Perak PKR Wanita chief Chua Yee Ling has urged the party to exercise patience and discipline.

She said any action that challenges police professionalism would only delay the party’s internal healing and tarnish its credibility as a ruling party.

“For now, we should exercise patience and wait for the full report to emerge, to find the real culprits.

“We must abide by party discipline and display the quality of a responsible ruling party. Chanting ‘Anwar for PM’ and ‘Azmin semburit (sodomy)’ is unacceptable and confuses the public.

“I urge the party to take serious disciplinary action,” Chua said in a statement last night.

Earlier yesterday, as PKR president Anwar Ibrahim's political secretary Farhash Wafa Salvador was being released from police custody, some 100 supporters chanted slogans, including one urging the police not to be a “political tool”.

Farhash, meanwhile, had chanted, “Reformasi! Anwar Ibrahim for prime minister! Azmin semburit”.

The Perak PKR chief as well, Farhash was detained since July 16 in connection with a series of sex videos implicating Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali.

Chua said the political secretary’s “emotional outburst” was regrettable and goes against Anwar’s call for the party to close ranks during a PKR leadership retreat at Port Dickson over the weekend.

“As the president said, the party welcomes the inspector-general of police’s statement that Azmin could not be linked to the video as facial recognition came back negative.

“The president also reiterated that PKR rejects and condemns gutter politics,” she said.

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