MCA secretary-general Chew Mei Fun resigns

20 Jul 2019, 2:43 am

Updated a year ago


Chew Mei Fun has resigned as MCA secretary-general.

MCA president Wee Ka Siong said Chew tendered her resignation on July 13 and her departure is effective today.

He said Chew was resigning to pursue her doctorate at Peking University in China.

"On behalf of the central committee and all members, I must thank Mei Fun for her service to the party for the past eight months," he said.

Wee said Chew had worked towards MCA's recovery following the party's defeat in previous general elections.

He said she was, among others, responsible for the blueprint to revitalise the MCA.

"Having accepted her resignation with extreme reluctance, we would like to wish her success in her academic pursuit, and are looking forward to her return to continue serving the party and nation," he said.

In a separate statement, Chew said she had decided to further her studies before her appointment as MCA secretary-general.

She added that Wee had agreed that her appointment would be temporary.

"To serve the nation and community is my lifelong commitment. I am lucky to have the opportunity to realise this through politics all these years and am looking forward to serving through academia in my later years.

"Lastly, I would like to thank my fellow comrades and all people who have provided me with guidance, assistance, monitoring and even criticism in the past, for you have given me, in different ways and at different times, the energy so essential for me to march on," she said.

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