Physics specialist challenges theory EMRS van caused Adib's broken ribs

16 7月 2019, 11:32 中午

Updated a year ago


ADIB INQUEST | A Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) physics specialist expressed his disagreement with the theory of an earlier expert witness regarding the cause of deceased firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim’s broken ribs during the Seafield temple riot last year.

Kuala Lumpur Hospital forensic expert Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi had theorised  that the broken ribs suffered by Adib were caused by him being hit by an Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) van during the riot.

However, Amir Radzi Abdul Ghani of UiTM's engineering faculty, who is the 30th witness, said that the weight of the EMRS van and Muhammad Adib should have been excluded from Hafizam’s analysis.

"In this case the weight of Adib should not have been taken into account," he said, according to a report by Astro Awani.

"So I disagree with the theory of Hafizam taking into account the weight of the vehicle and the victim," Amir told the Coroner's Court today.

Hafizam, the 24th witness, had testified on May 17 that he had always emphasised that he was not a physicist and urged the court to refer to an expert in the field for any confirmation regarding the determination of impact force.

Proceedings continue tomorrow in front of Coroner Rofiah Mohammad.

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