Yoursay: Sex video a case of back to the future for Dr M


13 Jun 2019, 11:56 pm

Updated a year ago


YOURSAY | ‘I hope Mahathir appreciates the irony of his situation.’

Dr M dismisses sex videos, says likely faked for political ends

Falcon: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, with due respect and with all humility, one should not be passing political and moral judgement prior to a free and fair investigation, which should include both forensics and expert opinion. It will be interfering with the investigation and the truth.

It is natural to deny. It is natural to protect one's protégé. Yes, call it a political conspiracy, which it is. We have seen it before. We will see it again if Section 377 of the Penal Code (on unnatural sex) is not repealed.

Proarte: Mahathir should not be giving opinions before any investigation has been carried out. He is clearly prejudicing the outcome.

Mahathir should interview Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz in the same way he interviewed Azizan Abu Bakar (who accused then deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy).

Mahathir became convinced of Anwar's guilt when he questioned Azizan who claimed that Anwar had sodomised him. With video evidence and admission by Haziq, Mahathir would find it difficult not to be convinced.

Would he then sack Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali as he did Anwar in the interest of fairness and consistency?

Redmann: The jury is out, Emperor-King. What did you have on Anwar that cost him 20 years? Fake news, monitored videos, doctored faces and bodies, fake confessions, make-believe facts, manipulated evidence, fabricated proof?

Now, you must protect your blue-eyed boy, right? What you believe is irrelevant. What is the truth is the truth. Can you handle it?

I think you can. After all, God Almighty will keep you hale and hearty until you fix what you had wrought in 1981-2003.

Sinar Belawan: Indeed, Mahathir as the prime minister should refrain from commenting on a case involving one of his cabinet ministers. The PM is giving importance to gutter politics.

The police, MACC and the Islamic authorities are investigating and the PM could be seen as interfering in the investigations.

Mushiro: It is obvious that Mahathir wants to save Azmin. Dismissing the video clips as fake without even investigating shows that Mahathir has invested heavily on Azmin and is willing to take a tainted person to be a leader.

When Anwar was accused of sodomy, Mahathir said that the country could not have such a leader to lead Malaysia. The video clips look genuine and Mahathir should demand the police to arrest the Azmin ‘lookalike’.

Harry Mou: It is definitely a political plot to finish off Azmin. But Mahathir, how do you know those video clips are fake?

Let PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) confirm the authenticity of them. It shouldn't take too long to do this.

Dharma: I hope Mahathir appreciates the irony of his situation.

Many years ago, he introduced Malaysians to a new word - sodomy. The nature of the nation's politics has been going downhill ever since.

It's not me: Azmin denies sex video, wants to take legal action

Malaysiakita: The basic issue is - is it you, Azmin? If it is you, then the issue of a nefarious plot does not arise.

Leaders with such sexual behaviour probably are acceptable in Western countries but not in Malaysia.

Siva1967: It is very clear that this is a plot. Hafiz is doing a Saiful (Bukhari Azlan) on Azmin. The question is by who? Umno or his own party?

As the new drama unfolds, Malaysians will forget about 1MDB and the ongoing SRC trial.

Caripasal: Pure denial by arguing that it is a political plot is useless in law.

This is a big test for our new IGP (inspector-general of police). I am sure the PDRM will reveal the truth.

Perhaps get a few independent foreign experts to determine the authenticity of the video. Let the truth prevail.

Malaysian-United: Indeed, the ball bounces back to Haziq, the person who openly admits he "did it" with another male. That should land him in jail regardless who the other male is.

With Azmin's "categorical denial" and under the wings of his Godfather, it seems the ball will remain at Haziq's court for some time.

Bad move, Haziq. I hope the money was worth it.

Anonymous 38375490384: And the ball is now back in Azmin’s court. Barely three hours after this denial from Azmin, an even more damning video clip appeared.

And this is allegedly only part two of four possible clips.

Fair Malaysian: Reports to both the police and the MACC have been lodged and investigations have commenced.

In the case of the police, the matter is being handled by Bukit Aman, according to news reports. So, let these two bodies do the investigations.

Anonymous_1543386425: Well, the truth would come out soon as the hotel's security cameras would have landed in someone's hands and it likely be shown soon.

As to allegations of corruption, MACC should investigate and issue a statement to clear the minister if it is not true. It is not right to have this shadow cast over an innocent man.

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