Perak Health Dept to monitor housing areas near plastic waste dumpsites


28 Mei 2019, 12:10 tengahari

Updated a year ago


The Perak Health Department will monitor housing areas located close to plastic waste dumpsites, and will present a report on the health condition of residents within a week.

State exco A Sivanesan said he had instructed the department to conduct a detailed investigation and to get feedback from the residents.

"This is because dumpsites nearby housing areas have a negative impact on health, and may cause skin irritation and respiratory problems.

"The people may experience dizziness if they are exposed to the stench over a long period," he said.

Sivanesan was speaking to reporters after presenting Sosco Employment Insurance System (EIS) benefits amounting RM36,862, to 18 recipients in Ipoh today.

Yesterday, the Perak Environment Department denied the reported presence of unmanaged plastic waste dumps in the jungles of Ipoh.

Its director Norazizi Adinan said the trash which the international media referred to was actually waste which would be processed into fuel at a premises operating at the IGB Industrial Area in Tasek.

- Bernama

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