Karma of race politics bites Harapan, says PSM

25 4月 2019, 10:02 上午

Updated 2 years ago


In recent weeks, PSM central committee member S Arutchelvan noted that MIC leaders have been ridiculing Indian leaders in Pakatan Harapan over the matriculation issue.

This is after many high scoring Malaysian Indian students failed to make the cut.

“The truth is, Harapan leaders are getting back their own medicine because, before this, they were busy attacking MIC for not delivering places for Indian students.

“It is payback time for MIC now when the tables are turned,” said Arutchelvan in a statement this evening.

He also said this is a case of old wine in a new bottle, where race-based politics continues to thrive.

“Harapan Indian leaders in DAP and PKR will aim their guns at MIC and vice-versa, while MCA on DAP etc.

“This politics has not changed. Rather the only thing which has changed is where they are standing now - on different sides,” he added.

Under this framework, Arutchelvan said the battle between Harapan and BN is along the lines of who is more Malay, more Islamic, more multiracial, more pro-Indian and more pro-Chinese.

“Things get more clouded when issues involving the royalty, UEC exams. Rome Statute, the appointment of the attorney-general, ministers and everything else become a racial and religious issue rather than something based on substance and rationality,” he added.

Therefore, Arutchelvan said the Harapan government must make it clear which route it intends to travel – the race agenda of BN or PKR president Anwar Ibrahim's needs-based agenda.

On the matriculation issue, Arutchelvan said retaining the race-based quota system would only serve to keep Malaysians segregated.

“At the end of the day, our education system will continue to be tainted with the accusation of discrimination and this will further divide the people.

“Imagine if young people continue to be brought up based on a race-based quota education system, what kind of perception will they take home as leaders of our nation in future?

“I am sure if the system is based on class, then many poor students from all races, a big bulk being bumiputera students (will get places). I think a system based on helping those in need will be accepted by all if it is explained properly,” he added.

In view of this, the PSM leader urged Harapan to muster the courage to implement a new culture based on equality and which is compassionate towards disadvantaged groups.

“Harapan has to prove that it is not BN 2.0.

“Currently, they have failed to explain their position clearly before implementing something or after failing to implement something due to pressure (from political rivals).

“In all scenarios, Harapan parties, as a coalition, should be on the same page on major issues... Then, they have to put the message across to the larger population.

“We have seen that on many issues, there seems to be no consensus. Harapan is supposed to be the coalition of hope but it has so far not been giving much hope,” he added.

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