Cabinet to discuss, decide on concerns over matriculation programme


21 Apr 2019, 10:56 pagi

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Education Minister Maszlee Malik will bring up current concerns over admission into the Education Ministry’s (MOE) matriculation programme with the cabinet on Wednesday, to get a proper outcome.

Education director-general Amin Senin (above) in a statement today said the Education Ministry took a serious view of the issues that were raised regarding admission into the programme.

"Taking into consideration the views of all parties, the MOE will ensure that these issues are dealt with carefully in finding the best solution through the proper channels," he said.

He added that based on the requirements, the ministry would stick to its original policy of allocating 90 percent for bumiputera and 10 percent for non-bumiputera students.

“This year, while improvements have been made, the 90:10 policy will still be maintained. It will provide opportunities for 60 percent of students from low-income (B40) families," said Amin.

He added that the ministry had revisited all proposals including the proposed increase in quota allocation for non-bumiputera students which had to be in line with the original policy of 90:10.

The annual student intake for the matriculation programme is 25,000 of which 2,500 seats are allocated for non-bumiputera students.

"This programme was originally created for only bumiputera students," said Amin.

Maszlee said in a statement last Friday that the 2,200 and 1,000 seats allocated respectively for Indian and Chinese students in the programme was a “one-off initiative”, only for last year.

It was also based on current needs and involved seats allocated under the bumiputera quota that had not been filled.

- Bernama

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