'I'll still be MB tomorrow, unless I fall down stairs and die'

19 Apr 2019, 6:33 pagi

Updated 2 years ago


Amid persisting rumours of a plot to oust him, Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu has stressed that he is still in charge.

"I think I have mentioned this before. A lot of people tried to overthrow me since day one, but as you know, I am still the menteri besar, and will still be the menteri besar tomorrow - unless I fall down the stairs and die.

"To me and my colleagues in the state executive council, the focus is on our respective jobs," Faizal told reporters after visiting the media centre at Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan in Ipoh during the state legislative assembly sitting.

He was responding to an audio clip which had been making the rounds on social media, purportedly of Perak executive council member Abdul Aziz Bari, criticising Faizal.

The person on the clip claimed that if meetings were scheduled for 10am, the Bersatu leader would turn up an hour late. It was also alleged that the menteri besar often skipped programmes with Perak ruler Sultan Nazrin Shah.

Umno has denied having anything to do in the matter.

On the clip, Faizal said he is yet to hear it, but believed everything was fine as things were running "very smoothly" at the state executive council level.

On allegations by state opposition leader Saarani Mohamad that a Pakatan Harapan lawmaker was working with Umno representatives in the state to topple Faizal, the menteri besar asked for proof.

Commenting on the claim that he showed up late for meetings, the Chenderiang assemblyperson said it is bound to happen.

"You all know lah, I am not perfect. Sometimes I start press conferences late.

"In the beginning, I also started the exco council late as I wasn't used to my role then. We are all not perfect but I am constantly working to improve myself."

Aziz has denied aiming to oust the menteri besar. However, the state opposition has claimed that five Umno assemblypersons met the DAP lawmaker over the alleged plot. 

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