Guan Eng gives RM100k to three Chinese schools

Lu Wei Hoong

21 Mac 2019, 3:40 petang

Updated a year ago


Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng announced an allocation of RM100,000 to three Chinese vernacular schools during their centennial anniversary in Kuala Lumpur today.

The beneficiaries are SJK (C) Chong Hwa in Setapak, SMJK Chong Hwa in Gombak and Chong Hwa Chinese Independent High School in Jalan Ipoh. The three schools originate from the same institution.

The minister was speaking today at the schools’ celebrations in Stadium Merdeka.

“To commemorate the 100th-year anniversary of Chong Hwa, I announced (an allocation of) RM100,000 to three Chong Hwa schools which are SJK(C), SMJK and the independent high school.

“Before that, I had said when we make a promise, we honour (that promise) and we deliver the money.”

He brought out a cheque from his pocket and showed it to the 20,000-strong audience, who applauded.

He further thanked Chong Hwa Chinese Independent High School's head of the board of directors Lim Keng Cheng for donating RM 1 million to the Chong Hwa Foundation, after it received tax-exempt status from the Finance Ministry.

When queried later, Guan Eng said the RM100,000 allocation was given by the finance minister, and not by the Education Ministry.

“We ministers and MPs have allocations respectively. This is our allocation...Our ministers have an allocation.”

Previously, Guan Eng said the federal government allocated RM12 million for 61 independent Chinese high schools and RM2 million each for three private university colleges, namely Han Chiang, New Era, and Southern.

He compared the previous BN government to the current administration, saying that whereas allocations from the former were late, the latter’s allocations were distributed once they were announced.

“In the past, when the government pledged allocations this year, normally you will only receive the money two years later. This year, we have broken the record by giving out all allocations overnight.

“We have a new rule on government allocations. When we pledge (allocations), the money will arrive. The federal government does its job, and so does the Finance Ministry.”

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