Bung slams Warisan rep 'tired' of parents asking her to find jobs for kids

21 Mac 2019, 6:33 pagi

Updated a year ago


Sabah Umno lawmaker Bung Moktar Radin has criticised a Warisan state assemblyperson for complaining about parents bombarding her with requests to secure employment for their children.

In a Facebook posting yesterday, Jennifer Lasimbang said, “Getting sick and tired of getting phone calls, Whatsapp and emails from PARENTS asking me to look for a job for their children – unemployed GRADUATES.”

This morning, the Moyok assemblyperson shared an article titled, “Way too many parents are filling out job applications for their grown children.”

However, Bung appeared to have misunderstood her point as his remarks suggested that Lasimbang was unable to stand the heat of being an elected representative.

On the same note, the Kinabatangan MP pointed out that it was Pakatan Harapan which promised one million employment opportunities.

“If you can't stand what you are facing, then quit. Give another the chance (to serve as an elected representative.)

“Don't blame the people because this is one of your promises to create one million job opportunities,” he tweeted.

In a subsequent Facebook posting, Lasimbang apologised if her remarks had offended anyone.

“Thank you for all the positive comments and constructive criticisms (not to mention the personal attacks). I accept them with an open heart.

“The aim of the posting is to open minds and hearts to look at this issue of concern. I am truly and genuinely concerned for our future generations,” she added.