Umno veep thanks MCA and MIC for sticking with BN

19 Mac 2019, 6:08 pagi

Updated a year ago


Umno vice-president Mohamed Khaled Nordin today "thanked" MCA and MIC for sticking together with Umno in BN during trying times for the latter party.

In a statement, Khaled cited the "relentless attacks" from DAP on Umno over the latter's co-operation with PAS.

"The one that creates a split among races in the country is not Umno, but DAP. Look at how the party (DAP) calls anyone who does not work with them, names.

"The ones who use the term 'war, terrorists, extremists, and Malay supremist' are them, not us. In fact, a tragedy in a foreign country is also politicised to insult us," he said.

Although Khaled did not mention names, he was believed to be referring to Mengkibol DAP assemblyperson Chew Chong Sin, who recently claimed that last Friday’s shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, should serve as a lesson for Malaysia on the need to curb extremism.

Chew had highlighted the Umno-PAS alliance and the dangers posed by a narrative centred on race and religion. He later retracted the statement, saying it had been misunderstood.

Khaled (below) then went on to thank MCA and MIC for deciding to stick with BN, amid DAP's "attacks."

"Thus, this is our promise to the non-Malays. Through all the weaknesses and shortcomings, we will continue to hold on to moderation in our politics.

"Umno will never turn its back on the aspirations of every Malaysian. We will never push aside the non-Malays because our decades-long political journey is filled with the best stories of a harmonious society, which is emulated the world over," Khaled said.

'Divide and rule'

He further claimed that DAP was opposed to the idea of Umno-PAS unity as it is afraid of unity among the Malays.

"For DAP, it is better if the Malays are split and fight amongst each other. It is easy for them to take advantage.

"This divide-and-rule strategy is not new in our country's political history. The masters of this are Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng."

Khaled said it would be a shame for DAP to think Umno and PAS would set aside the “path of moderation” when in power.

"Umno and PAS have not been just politicking for a year or two. Both parties do not work in politics for the sake of power.

"We work in politics to help the people and the country. We are well aware that not one race can manage Malaysia by itself. It has to be a concerted effort with the other races.

"We know that if Umno comes to power again, there is only one formula. The Malays must be united and manage Malaysia together with the non-Malays for the well-being of all."

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