Yoursay: Azmin, what exactly is ‘fulfilling bumi agenda without apology’?


YOURSAY | What has not been done which should be done now to make the bumis feel secure?

After Semenyih loss, Azmin wants bumi agenda fulfilled without apology

Roger 5201: "We must be brave and not hesitate in fulfilling our promises, especially on the Malay and bumiputera agenda, which is an integral part of the national agenda. We must do so without feeling apologetic or fearful of the criticism of others,” said Azmin Ali.

So economic affairs minister, what exactly is the Malay and bumiputera agenda? How will Pakatan Harapan change to become the party of choice for Malay voters without feeling apologetic or fearful of the criticism of 'others'?

Who are the 'others'? What happened to Harapan's agenda to prosper all Malaysians?

Anonymous 2413471460628504: Yes, what is the bumi agenda, Azmin? Forget meritocracy, bumi rules? Forget any non-bumi in any position of leadership, all posts to be held by bumi?

Unilateral conversion to Islam allowed? No place of worship other than mosques? The rest of the non-bumi should just be grateful that they are allowed to work and live in this country and they should just shut up about everything else?

What has not been done which should be done now to make the bumi feel secure?

The fact is there is no reason why they should feel insecure. They are just losing their right to bully everyone else and they are upset their bullying is sometimes being reprimanded now instead of being obsequiously attended to by the government.

The state of this country is the fruit of decades of pandering to a spoilt child. Continue spoiling the child, and this country will go the way of all failed nations.

Azmin, please stop thinking about keeping your position in power. Please, think about the longer-term needs of this country.

Malaysian United: Indeed, what exactly is "bumi agenda"? The country's policies are already in favour of bumi. The leaders who call the shots are bumi. The civil service is almost 100 percent made up of bumi. The army, the police force the same.

How much more "bumiputera" can you get? Can Azmin explain which part of the national landscape is not "bumi" enough that necessitates another agenda to make it more "bumi"?

The first "bumi agenda" began with the New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1970. And it's still there although it was supposed to end in 2000. Still want some more "bumi agenda"?

Veritas: Same old, same old. There is little in this racial agenda that will help Malaysia escape the middle-income trap, which the country entered into through the dogged promotion of mediocrity and rent-seeking.

Many Malays will be worse off under a racial approach but let's hope the physical pleasure of having fewer non-Malays in the cabinet or top-level government positions is ego boosting and emotionally uplifting for the whole race.

Azmin wants to promote himself with this agenda and let's hope he succeeds because otherwise, he has nothing to show except for his spineless vision.

Anonymous_1546136047: Why must it always just be about the Malay agenda? The high cost of living affects all races. Poverty exists across all races.

If the agenda was to work towards helping the poor in our society, then all would benefit and they would also be helping the Malays in doing so.

I really do not think the majority of the poor Malays would be against helping the poor across all races. It’s just that Umno and PAS have been going on about how the minorities are waiting to take their rights away.

So bloody well come up with plans that help the less well-off so that there is less need for fear and hate to exist.

The Wakandan: What made Harapan tick in GE14 but now seems to lose its lustre?

By playing BN at their game, you people are neither here nor there. In other words, perhaps in the eyes of the people, Harapan is no better than BN and therefore lost its advantage.

BN was supported before and one of the biggest reasons why they lost that support was because the hardship they wrought to the country was being felt by the people then.

Harapan promised to reverse that but along the way somehow there were many distractions created by Harapan themselves and they seemed to lose their focus resulting in the people being confused and did not know where the Harapan ship was sailing.

Proarte: As long as the bumiputera agenda has the same aims as the Chinese agenda, the Indian agenda, the Kadazan agenda, the Iban agenda and the 'true bumiputera' agenda of the Orang Asli, then I will have no qualms about it.

The Malay agenda is not more important than the agenda of the other citizens of Malaysia. If it does condone privilege and supremacy, then it is immoral and reformasi is rendered a scam.

PKR cannot practise a supremacist agenda in order to reform Malaysia. It is the bumiputera and Malay agenda which "Apa Malu Bossku" Najib played to the hilt. Does PKR tacitly endorse "Apa Malu Bossku"?

Azmin has gone down in my estimation and he has shown himself to be nothing more than "Manja Melayu" product of the Malay agenda promoted by Umno.

PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim must offer a new paradigm which is idealistic and universal in concept to unite the whole nation. That is the only way to rehabilitate Malaysia.

The racist and immoral Malay agenda will continue to destroy the Malays morally, intellectually and economically. Azmin should not think of his narrow and pathetic political ambitions but for once think of the nation.

Just Sharing: It looks like Harapan leaders like Azmin still have not learnt the lesson despite two by-election losses. It’s premature for Azmin to pin the losses on Malay and bumiputra agenda without conducting a proper post-mortem.

Harapan ran the general election on the platform that government agenda will be on need basis irrespective of race. Now, leaders like Azmin seem to backpedal on the election promises.

This will only further alienate Harapan from their current voter base who are sick of race-based and religion-based politics. We need reasonable voices from among Harapan leaders who are truly committed to genuine reforms.

Hang Babeuf: PAS does not contest elections to win state power. They contest to enable Umno to govern - increasingly and ever more ominously on their own preferred "Islam-and-syariah-congenial" terms.

They themselves are content to collect their reward not here and now in worldly power but in the afterlife, akhirat.

Similarly, PSM is not contesting to win - just to store up points toward their ultimate vindication at some distant future time, by history.

Quigonbond: Azmin speaks of the bumi agenda because it favours his portfolio. Bumi agenda is just another name for crony capitalism right now because we don’t see any new models being discussed, and the government needs to divest.

We should not let this self-serving leech to derail Harapan from its overall manifesto. So what if Harapan continues to lose the next few by-elections? The federal government won’t change hands.

It’s far more important to reform so that in two or three years, Malays will see an overall positive improvement without having to resort to crony capitalism again that only enrich a few.

Awang Top: What true reform we need is for the people to think across the racial border, think for the future of the country, think for the development of rural populace's myopic mentality, think of the harm the toxic religious teaching could do to us.

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