'Foul-mouthed' Nazri should be sacked as BN sec-gen - MCA

26 2月 2019, 2:07 凌晨

Updated a year ago


MCA is calling for Nazri Abdul Aziz's head to roll after the BN secretary-general was reported as calling for the closure of Chinese and Tamil schools.

MCA secretary-general Chew Mei Fun said Nazri was an enemy of BN, which she stressed wasn't just made up of Umno.

"If there is no stern action taken by Umno or BN leaders and Nazri still remains as BN secretary-general after this, it will surely affect the close ties between Umno, MCA, and MIC.

"Nazri can't escape from being sacked of his position in BN," Chew said in a statement today.

Nazri has denied wanting vernacular schools to be closed, and accused the media of misquoting him.

He explained that his remarks were meant to show that if Malay privileges were disputed, so too would the privileges of non-Malays be disputed, including the right to have vernacular schools.

From his speech on Saturday night, Malaysiakini reported Nazri as warning the non-Malays against questioning Malay special privileges or risk compromising on vernacular schools.

Despite the denial, Chew said Nazri was "rude, egotistical, and immature."

She said Nazri's tendency to make provocative and racist remarks was part of why the people did not support BN.

Chew urged Umno to take action against him and not let one rotten apple spoil the whole barrel.

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