MCA tells 'crazy' Nazri to join Harapan for playing race card

24 Feb 2019, 10:13 pagi

Updated a year ago


SEMENYIH POLLS | MCA has revived its bitter conflict with BN secretary-general Nazri Abdul Aziz, calling him "foolish and crazy" for playing the race card while campaigning for the former ruling coalition in the Semenyih by-election.

MCA Youth chief Nicole Wong Siaw Ting said Nazri's statements were hurtful to the non-Malays and called for him to be investigated under the Sedition Act.

"BN does not need a rude, foolish and crazy politician like Nazri.

"During the Semenyih by-election, Nazri again made statements attacking non-Malays. Clearly, Nazri is a foolish politician who is in BN, but is actually campaigning for Pakatan Harapan," Wong said in a statement today.

As such, Wong said Nazri would do better to quit BN and join Harapan.

Yesterday, Nazri in his campaign speech in Semenyih questioned the appointment of non-Muslims as attorney-general, chief justice and finance minister. He added that this meant they were not able to be sworn in using the Quran. 

Nazri also warned non-Malays not to question Malay special privileges, pointing out the former also have their vernacular schools to preserve.

Wong stressed that no one was questioning Malay special privileges. She also accused Nazri of questioning vernacular education which is protected under the Federal Constitution.

"Nazri's statement may be construed as sedition, police should investigate him," she said.

Nazri and the MCA had been in open confrontation since the 2008 general election when the then minister attacked MCA for its weakened position with the Chinese electorate.

The last time the two were at loggerheads was when Nazri attacked tycoon Robert Kuok, accusing him of funding BN's rivals.

Wong said Nazri's attacks against Kuok, who is well respected in the Chinese community, had cost BN votes in the last general election.

"It also contributed as one of the reasons for BN's defeat," she said.

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