DAP Youth trio tells Syed Saddiq that reforms can't wait

24 Feb 2019, 8:56 pagi

Updated a year ago


Three DAP Youth office bearers have criticised Pakatan Harapan Youth leader Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman for suggesting that implementing reforms too quickly could result in political backlash.

In a statement today, Woo Kah Leong, Leong Yu Sheng and Tan Tiong Yih said fulfilling Harapan's reform agenda was the "only way" to maintain public support for the coalition.

"The reason Harapan won the general election was because of our reform agenda. Failing to fulfil these reforms is an act of betrayal.

"Delaying the reforms would mean slowing down our nation’s economic recovery, compromising our competency, while making it harder to attract foreign investment to develop the nation.

"Harapan must fulfil its election manifesto, especially on institutional reform, to end political corruption and reshape a new politics for the next generation," their joint statement read.

During a conference on policymaking last week, Syed Saddiq remarked that reforms cannot be rushed, particularly those concerning race and religion.

He urged his audience to not only look at things from an economic perspective, but to also consider political implications.

In their statement, the three DAP Youth leaders also implored Harapan to take a more principled stand to introduce progressive reforms.

"There should be no more excuses from Harapan leaders to rationalise race-based policies and remarks.

"We would like to share the following quote with Syed Saddiq by (US theologian) James Freeman Clarke: 'A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation.'"

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