MP: 'Israel funding DAP' claim resurrected after Nik Abduh audio saga

17 Feb 2019, 11:59 pm

Updated 2 years ago


Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng said today that PAS revived its allegation that DAP received funding from Israel in an attempt to distract from its own controversy of taking funds from Umno.

Noting that PAS Youth had lodged a police report on the alleged funding, which was followed by Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man calling for an MACC probe, Lim said the party's deputy president should put the matter on record.

"I dare Tuan Ibrahim to state clearly in a public arena that DAP had accepted funding from Israel. If he does that, I will not hesitate to initiate a defamation lawsuit.

"If he doesn’t, that will mean that he and certain PAS leaders are not hesitant to use lies to attack DAP.

"After all, PAS believes that 'lies to protect the party are acceptable'. We should not be surprised," he said in a statement.

Lim was referring to PAS central committee member Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz's admission that he had lied when denying the authenticity of an audio recording saying that the party received money from Umno.

Nik Abduh claimed he lied with the blessings of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, although Hadi later claimed ignorance over the matter.

PAS spiritual leader Hashim Jasin also likened Nik Abduh's actions to a friend of Prophet Muhammad who had lied to split the enemies of Islam.

"Three years ago, PAS announced that they would make public evidence to support its allegation of an RM1.2 billion fund from Israel for DAP. Until this day, we have not seen a shred of evidence.

"Why is PAS now suddenly concerned about this falsehood, three years later? 

"The answer is that this is just a lame, pathetic diversion tactic by PAS leaders when they realised many of their grassroots were angered by Hadi's 'blessings' to Nik Abduh to lie about the latter's voice," he said.

Lim pointed out that two reports were also previously lodged against the DAP over the funding allegation.

He noted that then-home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the cases were referred to the Communications and Multimedia Commission.

Since then, he added, there has been silence on the matter.

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