Harapan to focus on fence sitters in Semenyih


15 Feb 2019, 11:17 tengahari

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SEMENYIH POLLS | The Pakatan Harapan machinery in the Semenyih by-election will focus on the fence sitters and indecisive voters in their efforts to retain the seat.

Selangor Harapan chairman Amirudin Shari said this was because they were the group of voters who would be the deciding factor in the by-election for the state constituency scheduled to be held on March 2.

“There is no use for us to focus on the hardcore supporters who have already made their decision, as their decision could not be changed.

“I am confident that with the leadership of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the state government’s success in managing the economy and the welfare of the people (including) through the Peduli Rakyat initiative, the fence sitters and those who have not made up their minds yet will choose to vote for the Harapan candidate,” he said after attending a ceremony in Semenyih today.

He was asked to comment on the findings of a think tank, Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE), among which, was that the fence sitters would be the deciding factor in the Semenyih by-election, which has been called following the death of its incumbent, Bakhtiar Mohd Nor, 57, from Bersatu, on Jan 11.

Nomination of candidates for the by-election is tomorrow and early voting will take place on Feb 26.

Harapan had yesterday named a young engineer, Muhammad Aiman Zainali, who is also Bersatu Hulu Langat division treasurer, as their candidate in the by-election.

BN named Kampung Sesapan Kelubi Umno branch chairperson Zakaria Hanafi for the polls while PSM's pick is Nik Aziz Afiq Abdul.

- Bernama

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