Penang bridge crash: Investigation papers sent to DPP


28 Jan 2019, 2:00 pm

Updated a year ago


Investigation papers on the accident, which claimed the life of 20-year-old Moey Yun Peng when his sports utility vehicle (SUV) plunged into the sea following a collision with another car last week, was sent to the deputy public prosecutor’s office today.

Penang police chief T Narenasagaran said they would wait for further instructions from the DPP regarding the case, which also involved the driver of a Toyota Vios vehicle.

“We did not include the chemical report regarding the drug and alcohol content levels found on the 21-year-old Toyota Vios driver as we have yet to get it,” he told reporters after attending hi-tea with the agencies involved in the search and rescue operations for the SUV in George Town today.

He added that Moey’s blood sample had also been sent to the Chemistry Department to be tested for drugs and alcohol.

In the 2.54am accident on Jan 20, the SUV driven by Moey, a private college student, plunged into the sea after colliding with the Toyota Vios at KM4 of the Penang Bridge heading towards Perai.

The SUV was hoisted out of the sea by crane two days later, with the deceased still in the driver’s seat.

- Bernama 

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