Winning 'by hook or by crook' is for crooks, DAP Youth tells Bersatu veep

30 Dec 2018, 2:48 pm

Updated 2 years ago


DAP Youth chief Howard Lee today denounced Bersatu vice-president Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman's declaration that his party should utilise government resources so as to retain power "by hook or by crook". 

"A victory obtained by hook or by crook... is a crook's victory," he said in a statement today.

Lee said the DAP Youth was "gravely concerned" by Rashid's statement and that it was absolutely against the values and foundations of Pakatan Harapan.

The Pasir Pinji assemblyperson also threw his support behind Bersatu Youth which had rebuked Rashid's statement. 

"We are sure Rashid's expressed views do not represent Bersatu.

"We are in full support of and mirror the response of Bersatu Youth's subsequent clear and concise rejection of Rashid's representations.

"That is not the type of victory that Harapan fought for all this while, and certainly won't be how we will obtain victory in the future," he said.

Lee stressed that all forms of patronage politics must be purged, including those within Harapan who want to practice or promote such a culture.

"That we must, by hook or by crook," he said.

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