Johor DAP rep likens defections to cancer, wants law to stop it

4 12月 2018, 5:30 凌晨

Updated a year ago


JOHOR DUN | The Johor government has been urged to legislate laws to prevent lawmakers from defecting, an act which an assemblyperson likened to cancer.

Cheo Yee How (Harapan-Perling) said Pakatan Harapan had campaigned to defeat BN but was now accepting the coalition members through defections.

He said Harapan should learn from what happened in Perak in 2009, when three Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers defected and a new BN government was formed in the state.

"(At the time,) the people felt betrayed. To me, this is a serious matter and it can become cancerous over time. We have to do something," Cheo said...

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