High price of free speech: 'S'wak Report' book tour goes to S'pore

Julienne Chan

15 Sep 2018, 7:54 pagi

Updated 2 years ago


INTERVIEW | "It is quite extraordinary, isn’t it. I guess the new opposition is still trying to say that they are relevant, powerful and can still affect legislation.

"But what a subject to choose. How to make yourself stick up for the most unpopular law you ever passed, at the worst moment, just before you were voted out of office," says Clare Rewcastle-Brown, mocking the recent block to the repeal of the Anti-Fake News Act 2018 in Senate by the new opposition.

Rewcastle-Brown was accused by the former government of fabricating news on her blog The Sarawak Report in the early days as she dug up documentation of the corrupt excesses leading to breaking of the 1MDB story...