'1MDB is but a glimpse into corrupt offshore financial system'

Koh Jun Lin

8 9月 2018, 12:11 中午

Updated 2 years ago


Although the 1MDB scandal is widely seen as one of the worst corruption scandals in recent history, Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown said it is but a glimpse into the workings of global offshore financial systems and related enterprises that enable it.

She said corrupt proceeds – whether timber corruption in her home state of Sarawak, or those from the 1MDB scandal – are moot unless they can be “cashed in” all around the world, which global financial systems enable by turning a blind eye and helping to launder the money.

“So, I hope what is being revealed through this case study on 1MDB, which has provided what is still a rare glimpse into the inner workings of corrupt offshore finance and associated enterprises, will help open decision-makers' eyes and the eyes of ordinary folk of the very real dangers to our liberties that this represents...