Rosmah's 11.5 million pound sterling 'assignment'

JD Lovrenciear

6 8月 2018, 2:44 凌晨

Updated 2 years ago


LETTER | The media spill by Lebanese jeweller Samer Halimeh about his business relationship with Rosmah Mansor, which began seemingly at a glittering social event in Belgravia in 2009 gives one a sea sick feel.

It seems that the world renowned high and mighty society jeweller supplied "VIP jewellery" to various events attended by Rosmah and Najib.

My, my, God forbid. While Tun M globe trots to bring business to our nation, we had for a good one decade a PM and spouse team on glittering assignments.

How not to shudder when you hear this jeweller be quoted saying that the most recent whooping 11.5 million pound sterling worth of jewellery was despatched to Rosmah on a try-before-you-buy terms.

Not only that. It was a sales anticipation made because as said Samer, "I think it was ordered in anticipation of the couple winning the 2018 general election."

And if not for God's mercy and compassion for us Malaysians, Najib would have been the incumbent prime minister.

It is time to stop all the politically correct stances and ask ourselves that naked question: what business is this that the spouse together with her nation's leader to be peddling, buying, viewing and hosting glittering galas of jewellery sales?

It is time to speak the truth. It's time to punish grossly wrong-doers. Let us cut the crap language of so-called legal eagles.

It's time for the nation to get honest.

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