Yoursay: ‘Thank you Clare, for helping us bring the change’


22 May 2018, 1:55 am

Updated 2 years ago


YOURSAY | ‘The S’wak Report editor had no obligation to step up, but she did.’

Clare reveals how she never wholly trusted Dr M

CH Lee: To Clare Rewcastle-Brown, on behalf of all Malaysians - we sincerely thank you for your courage in exposing the 1MDB scandal that indirectly led us to New Malaysia.

Frank: She has little connection to this country, and yet she stepped up. Perhaps she can be rewarded with honorary Malaysian citizenship?

Anonymous_3e12: You are our hero. Your investigative journalism always gave us – via a virtual private network – well-researched articles about our corrupted politicians.

I admire you greatly as you are one of the important agents of change for Malaysia and without people like you, we may not have seen the victory in GE14.

Kim Quek: For certain individuals to have so uncharacteristically and so daringly turned against their then political master Najib Abdul Razak, I too, like Rewcastle-Brown and many others, thought that Dr Mahathir Mohamad might have lent a helping hand.

I, too, hold the view that the scale and mode of the 1MDB heist was so unprecedented and so out of this world that no thinking person could possibly accept such an abominable person to serve as his or her prime minister for even a day.

That, I believe, is the underlying force, that has germinated – in combination with other causes, of course – into a torrent that eventually became the ‘Malaysian tsunami’ that washed away the previous BN administration in the 14th general election.

BuatApa: Mahathir does appear a changed man, and I hope he does the right thing by Malaysians this time around, unlike his 22 years of autocratic rule and manic corruption that his regime gave rise to.

But I'm a very untrusting fellow, so I'll sit by a year, maybe two, and watch what Mahathir says and does before I even pronounce my believability of him, let alone being his ‘fan’.

I do hope for Malaysia's sake he is thoroughly above board now.

The Bugis Worrier: Keep the faith in Mahathir. The twilight years have a great way of focusing the mind on less selfish ambitions and towards what is right.

Maybe this will sound ridiculous, but I've always been a fan of Mahathir. You need to have a bit of a dark side to survive in Malaysian politics, but that needs to be balanced against the enormity of what he's achieved for the country.

I would go so far as to say that he (and Anwar) come close to Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi in the odds and level of evil they had to overcome in GE14.

I sincerely hope that is how history will end up judging them, because there would've been no return for Malaysia without them.

Anonymous_d395a08d: The victory in GE14 is greater than personalities such as Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang or even Rewcastle-Brown. We should not fall into the trap of worshipping heroes and finding villains.

Some of the comments seem to show that while we've moved forward, we're still beholden to higher authorities, perhaps secretly wishing for a benevolent elder who could rule over us wisely?

Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful to the sacrifice of many of these high-profile individuals. But I believe they would also like to see Malaysian voters becoming more critical of their elected representatives, demanding a working democratic system where the people are the true owner.

No hero worshipping, please!

S'wak Report editor to Dr M: Once house in order, probe Taib

Mykakistocrat: This is part of the inconvenient truth: investigations will now only be limited to those directly connected to Najib.

Mahathir’s reaction to Sarawak governor Abdul Taib Mahmud has always been, “Scandal? What scandal?”

The halo generated around Mahathir in the post-May 9 euphoria means that few in the Pakatan Harapan leadership would dare irk him with this issue.

Besides 1MDB, Sarawak Report informs all Malaysians of the ravaging of the state, often compared to the legacy of Leopold II in the then Congo Free State. If Harapan leaders fail to speak up, it will be a shame shared by all in Peninsular Malaysia.

VijayR: Taib's wealth been questioned for years in the past. It is time to get the bottom of this. The people need to know. Sarawakians need to know.

I fully agree with Sarawak Report and former Bersih chief Ambiga Sreenevasan to probe the governor.

Apa Ini: We have to ask, do Sarawakians really want to do this, get Taib? Because if they do, there is a wealth of evidence just laying around, waiting to be picked up.

Anonymous_1371479577: A lot will depend on the people of Sarawak's political will to join the Reformasi movement and do their own housekeeping.

I suppose it is a matter of time before the state government flips. Right now, Sarawak is still in BN's control until the next state election.

Prudent: Taib had better pack his bags. The remnants of the BN regime in Sarawak, under him and Chief Minister Abang Johari Abang Openg, are living on borrowed time.

Harapan should already be preparing to rule. They have at most three years from now until the state elections.

Podah: I appreciate Rewcastle-Brown and Ambiga bringing Taib’s name into the public consciousness, just as everyone is calling out for justice to be meted out on Najib.

But in reality, both know, as well as all Malaysians, that nothing will come of this. Taib’s family will be left unmolested in Sarawak, especially now with the additional petrol money flowing into the state.

Harapan leaders have done deals with the devil before – the coalition would not exist otherwise – so they can close one eye again and sweep the Taib issue under the carpet for the sake of expediency.

Because at the end of the day, what they want is for Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) to leave BN – not necessarily join Harapan, but just turn their backs on Umno.

MCA and MIC are still in BN for cosmetic reasons only. In terms of actual power, they matter as much as MyPPP.

It is PBB that is Umno’s lifeline via BN. Remove that, and Umno will not recover for at least a generation.

And in case anyone thinks Mahathir will let the party survive, reform, and be an effective opposition – clearly, you haven’t been paying attention.

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