Yoursay: Will GE14 be delayed after Anwar’s release?

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    YOURSAY | Najib, the more you delay, the more it will put BN in a predicament.

    When? When do you want GE14?' teases Najib

    VGV: PM Najib Razak, you will have to call the GE before August. But by then, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim would be released from prison.

    With all his might and vigour, Anwar would "turun padang" (go down to the trenches) to join forces with former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and other Pakatan Harapan leaders to wipe out BN permanently.

    Be wary of this, Najib. The more you delay, the more it will put BN in a predicament. It won't be that easy to defeat Harapan, especially with Mahathir and Anwar together.

    Don’t Just Talk: We want GE14 to be held as soon as possible and we want Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) and his equally tainted band of brothers to step down and be replaced by a prime minister who is not thick-skinned, but is humble and honest, someone who leads by example and walks the talk.

    Malaysians do not want a prime minister who went to the White House but does not have the courage to face foreign journalists, yet upon returning to Malaysia, blew his trumpet that President Donal Trump considered him a personal friend.

    Red Hero: Is fixing the date of a general election a laughing matter? Many individuals need to plan ahead for their weddings, business travel and conferences and so on, and this uncertainty is simply stupid and childish.

    Waiting for MO1 to get his “inspiration” to call for GE14 is a downright insult to the rakyat. I would like Harapan, if they come into power, to give a six-month notice of the GE date to steer away from the current nonsensical approach.

    Mano: Indeed, Harapan has to be fair to the opposition parties and the rakyat when they come into power after GE14. The constitution must be amended to pre-fix a date at least a year or even six months ahead.

    The state constitutions should also be changed accordingly. Never mind if BN does not do it and cares two hoots. Let us get the right thing going when there has been a change in government.

    A sad Chinese New Year

    Fellow Malaysian: Malaysiakini columnist Stephen Ng, we thank you for sharing your travails, especially in trying to balance the monthly household expenditures.

    With ever-rising costs and expenses, it is a delicate task indeed in ensuring that one’s family gets a decent supply of food, clothing and shelter.

    Our shrinking ringgit alone offers a melange of reasons to explain why we are saddled with such a miserable predicament.

    Just two months ago, the exchange rate to the US dollar was RM4.2. Although the ringgit's worth has crept back a little now, to RM3.9, it is a far cry from Mahathir's halcyon days when the US dollar was only RM2.5.

    The Chinese provision shop owner where I used to buy CNY supplies from China and elsewhere told me a week ago that canned abalone has increased in price by 20 percent since a year ago.

    And yet our official inflation rate for 2017 is just a mere 3.6 percent? Ng, you have just made our task this GE14 a lot easier.

    Lb: One can celebrate within one’s means and have a happy reunion.

    However, when the country looks like it is under oppression with the abduction of good people like pastor Raymond Koh and worse still, Suhakam being stopped from its inquiry into his case; with the jailing of good people like PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli whilst those accused with clear evidence of misuse of public funds are still free; with the mindless attacks on projects like the Penang Transport Plan using MACC whilst Bank Negara’s sudden purchase of land goes uninvestigated, how can Malaysians celebrate without being worried for the future of this land?

    What about those who cannot celebrate because their children have migrated due to bad policies that have now landed this country in a wage trap?

    And with the Education Ministry brandishing a blueprint that seems to have no impact whatsoever on the 10,000 schools, more and more will have to migrate for the sake of their children. That is truly sad, not only for these families but for the nation.

    Anonymous 1723901485633972: Ng, thank you for sharing your situation and we can feel your frustration. It is this kind of frustration that pushes through most of the political changes in the world - in a violent or peaceful manner.

    But it is better to be peaceful and yet be soon because the longer it takes, the tidal wave to change will only get stronger and more damaging.

    Changes are the only certain things in life, don't be afraid of change - embrace it, my fellow Malaysians.

    Najib: More prosperous CNY due to rising ringgit

    VGV: Too bad, Najib. This year's Chinese New Year is not as prosperous as you think. Actually, the people are finding it difficult due to the rising cost of essential goods, goods and services tax (GST) and other price hikes.

    How can you say the country's economy is good when actually it's really bad. Please don't try to paint a rosy picture to influence the people. We are really facing hardships.

    There is no vibrancy in this year's CNY's celebrations. Maybe next year would be a better year with measures taken by the new government.

    Wira: Does anyone feel richer with the rising ringgit? Do prices come down after being raised by GST and inflation? Can I buy more or less these days with my ringgit in Malaysia? How fake can you be?

    Red Herob: This is fake news. Why don't you do a countrywide poll to see if people feel that they are more prosperous?

    Victor Johan: Najib, the majority of the rakyat want and have expressed hopes that the new lunar year would bring promising results to a new Harapan coalition government.

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