Yoursay: Memali blame game has little to do with truth or justice


2 Jan 2018, 11:30 pm

Updated 3 years ago


YOURSAY | ‘This is all theatre ahead of the 14th general election.’

Don't blame us for Memali, muftis tell Dr M

Hank Marvin: The tragic 1985 Memali incident is a human rights issue, just like the Batang Kali massacre by the British during the Emergency.

Another royal commission of inquiry should be set up. Not by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, but by the rakyat.

It is good that the muftis are talking. The problem with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad is that he likes to find scapegoats for his mistakes. Perhaps Musa Hitam and the retired police top brass need to come out and give their side of the story.

They just need to make sure Najib would not be able to capitalise on the issue, as he was also part of the team back then as a menteri besar.

Bentong Kali: Mahathir blames muftis, muftis blame Mahathir, Mahathir blames Hadi, Hadi blames Mahathir. The blame game can continue indefinitely, but there’s blood on everyone’s hands.

Kedah PAS leader Ibrahim Mahmud’s (or Ibrahim Libya) followers and police officers died in the incident. And yet the folks above are only trying to score points and secure their careers, with no thought given to the dead.

This is all theatre ahead of the 14th general election. Nobody really wants justice.

Gerard Lourdesamy: So is the Internal Security Act 1960 God’s law? The cowardice of these muftis is clear for all to see.

As religious leaders, their duty was to correct Muslims who went astray due to then Terengganu PAS chief Abdul Hadi Awang’s false promises.

Instead, they were more afraid for their own positions and status rather than defending the true teachings of Islam.

Since when are titles, positions and material wealth important to religious leaders, in this life or the next?

Muftis kept mum on Memali fearing reprisal, Hadi tells Dr M

Never Vote BN: Hadi is not making any sense. Clearly, Mahathir considered Amanat Hadi and Ibrahim Libya’s group a threat.

If so, wouldn’t he have wanted the muftis to speak up? And if they really feared Mahathir, wouldn’t they have done so?

Determined Sarawakian: Wasn’t Mahathir the prime minister that sent people into detention after Ops Lalang, and who put the judiciary under the thumb of the executive branch?

And he wants people to believe that low-ranking muftis should challenge him? There would be a Memali of muftis if that were to happen.

New Day: Hadi talks about separation of powers as if he does not believe in it, although it is a fundamental aspect of a secular democracy.

Make sure you remember this if PAS ever says they want to start practising “mature” politics.

Gerard Lourdesamy: So did the muftis fear Mahathir more than they feared God? What sort of religious leaders are they?

If Hadi was misleading Muslims with his false Amanat, wouldn’t the muftis have a duty to Muslims and the faith to correct Hadi?

So why talk now about hudud law and an Islamic state when muftis are so willing to acquiesce to a secular leader?

On Memali, I believe Mahathir was absolutely right.

Sarawakian: Hadi is defending the indefensible. For sure, Mahathir is going to use Memali to destroy PAS and Hadi in GE14.

Royal Salute 21Y: I’m intrigued. We have all these “learned” men of God issuing fatwas on His behalf, but now they show how mortal they are.

The original tragedy here is that bigots like Hadi can command such a following in the first place.

Anonymous 788831449650206: Hadi, having instigated the Memali uprising against the democratically elected government, is not qualified to speak.

Particularly now, when he has thrown his hat behind the prime minister.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Aren’t these muftis only supposed to fear reprisal from above? As in, much farther above than the prime minister or a PAS leader?

Anonymous 788831449650206: Muftis are okay. They are loyal government servants.

It is the ulamas who are the problem. Ulamas around the world are holding adherents back in this fast-moving world.

AJ: Why wasn't Hadi arrested under ISA or the dozen other acts that were used against the opposition?

It is not too late to do so now.

Cocomomo: When will the people realise they are being misled by political and religious leaders? So much hypocrisy everywhere.

Hang Babeuf: In this fight to the death over reputation and credibility, I hope they both win.

Meaning, that each destroys what shreds are still left of the other's plausibility. A devastating defeat for both, each at the hands of the other.

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