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Research: M'sians offered cheaper Internet, but less bang for buck
Published:  Dec 4, 2017 11:53 PM
Updated: Jan 6, 2018 5:27 AM

Malaysians, on average, are offered cheaper monthly Internet packages compared with their Southeast Asian peers - but these do not fare as well in terms of value for money.

This is according to a study by market research outfit BDRC Continental and Internet service comparison platform, which analysed more than 3,351 broadband packages worldwide between Aug 18 and Oct 12 this year.

The research found the average monthly broadband cost for Malaysia to be RM184.61, with only Thailand (RM110.17) and Singapore (RM160.2) offering cheaper prices.


This is in contrast to other Southeast Asian countries, which offered more expensive average monthly broadband costs, including Cambodia (RM217.49), the Phillippines (RM219.99), Vietnam (RM256.69), Indonesia (RM312.07), Myanmar (RM312.35), Laos (RM954.24) and Brunei (RM1,102.69).

However, when the average monthly broadband cost was benchmarked against speed, it was found that many Southeast Asian countries paid less for every Megabit per second (Mbps) they get, compared to Malaysia...

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