PAS grassroots will determine outcome of Umno alliance

(Updated )

COMMENT | When it comes to the crunch, will Umno grassroots vote for PAS in the coming general election, and vice versa?

At the top level, it is interesting to observe that PAS seems to be gradually aligning itself with Umno.

Except for Selangor, where PAS may lose all the urban seats it won in the last two general elections, what other option does PAS have but to work with Umno?

Although PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has tried to rationalise this move, by saying that he only wants to ensure there is always a Muslim leader, he was attacked by both Pakatan Harapan Youth leaders and Malaysiakini readers for his hypocrisy.

Haven’t Muslims always helmed the nation? In the federation, the Agong is the head of Islam, and all six prime ministers since Merdeka have all been Muslims...

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