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Nothing to Hide fiasco: Who is to blame?

COMMENT | The disrespectful and reprehensive behaviour of our youths at the Nothing To Hide 2 forum recently, has me equally angry and sad.

My first instinct was to join in the chorus of condemnation and place the blame on political parties and on the youths themselves.

But I decided to take a step back, and think, who is really to blame?

We will have to admit that it is the political rhetoric in Malaysia that has poisoned the minds of our youth.

Think about it.

It was just a couple of weeks ago, that our esteemed deputy prime minister chided former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad for being of mixed blood.

And who among us, do not know about the infamous Jamal, whose thuggish behaviour and instigations often times, cause violence to erupt to an extent that some get injured?

Nor can anyone forget about the street demonstrations that frequently turned violent and caused injuries and damage to public properties.

The truth is, as a society, we have become immune to these politics of hate, to the point that violence, disdain and insults have become a part of our psyche...

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