PAS won't flay MO1, but wants public flogging for others


20 Jul 2017, 1:06 am

Updated 3 years ago


YOURSAY | ‘They should bring to book those who break the laws, irrespective of their status in society.'

Public caning to teach society to shun crime, says PAS

Think: Regardless of whether it is done in public or private, both shaming and caning are uncivilised acts and a lazy way to eliminate or reduce crime.

Correcting a wrong with another wrong doesn't make a right just because it is legalised.

It would be wiser to provide education and rehabilitation instead. And if someone is beyond education and rehabilitation, then neither shaming and caning would make much difference either. They should be removed from society and monitored instead, e.g. in a mental institution or prison.

That's as far as we can go. Torturing, shaming, and killing are all an unacceptable act of barbarism, regardless of whether an individual or a governing system performs it.

Other than being a vulgar display of power and control, shaming and caning is also part of an outdated bloodthirsty system.

Vgeorgemy: The society that values basic human decency always respects the principle of freedom from torture and degrading treatment (Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). We consider public whipping as an affront to basic human decency.

It seems PAS' leadership needs public torture and degrading treatment to feel empowered.

A democratic society doesn’t need to shame its citizens publicly, even if they are convicted criminals. Isolating the convicts from the society itself is an adequate punishment for the crimes they commit.

PAS has certain agendas by implementing certain laws based their brand of religion. This has to stop.

Drngsc: There are so many ways to teach society to shun crime, beginning with setting a good example. Public caning is probably the worst way, and you all choose that. It speaks volumes about your perverse mentality.

It will not deter crime as big crimes by the "big fish" largely go unpunished. When crime in Malaysia pays, many are attracted to it. Public caning is not the way.

Doc: In this day and age where the Malay people are getting more and more enticed with Arab culture, and think being Arab equals being more Islamic, this culture of wanting to be Arab wannabes is flourishing.

PAS is taking the opportunity of this growing Arabisation to provide voters with Arab practices like this public caning to be implemented in Kelantan, with the sole aim of garnering Kelantanese votes in the coming general election.

Abasir: This is a prime example of PM Najib Razak's "moderate" Islam ... and it is being implemented with his administration's full blessings. But there is a bright side to it.

Tourists from civilised countries will flock to Kelantan to witness for themselves what they have only heard of … medieval acts.

So, if these public floggings are well managed with adequate publicity, with schedules and rates for ringside seats promoted by Tourism Malaysia offices worldwide, there is no telling what a fabulous money spinner it will be.

And it will all be halal money.

David Dass: The visuals of public flogging will damage the perception of Malaysia as a modern state. Not all Muslim scholars agree that the hudud forms of punishment are an integral part of Islam.

Very few Muslim countries administer hudud. All that do are not democracies. All that do are not modern states. We cannot take the view that this law is only for Kelantan. And non-Muslims cannot accept the situation based on the claim it only applies to Muslims.

This enactment will alter fundamentally the basic character of our society. Its enforcement will empower those who want syariah to be the law of the land.

It will precipitate the start of a movement for the achievement of that end. And the passing and enforcement of the Kelantan enactment will mean that the argument has already been made.

We already have so many other problems, yet we now introduce a new one. We try to distract our people from issues of governance and issues affecting the economy and truth, justice and fairness, to issues affecting the afterlife.

Slumdog: While the rest of the country under Umno is descending into moral collapse, PAS takes the prize for the worst legislation of the month. What a perverse thought process, public caning to educate society against crime. Why the need for public humiliation?

Will the next step be public beheadings and stoning? Isn’t the arrest, publicity, trial and incarceration of the guilty sufficient to deter crime?

What about the teaching of morals, honesty and social responsibility in schools and at home? This is one of the problems with PAS, a one-issue party, totally consumed only by their version of religion.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: What is more important for PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan is to bring to book those who break the laws, irrespective of their status in society.

Sadly, he and the PAS president are not exhibiting this principle if their latest statements are to be judged.

For some unknown reasons, they are prepared to betray the rakyat by defending a kleptocrat in spite of the evidence produced of his guilt.

What is more bizarre is their refusal to understand the basic issues of violation of the integrity of financial systems which some countries are trying to safeguard. Who would forget when they described the action of such countries as foreign intervention?

There seems to be confusion on the part of some PAS leaders on what is right and what is wrong.

Angel: Will former PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa, who is alleged to have taken stolen 1MDB money and president Abdul Hadi Awang, who is supporting him, also be canned?

Quigonbond: If PAS wants to demonstrate that it is serious about crime, it should reject its dalliance with Umno and start calling out Umno's nonsense over 1MDB.

I have no doubt that PAS is going to lose Kelantan. The question is can Pakatan Harapan win it instead of BN?

Anonymous 2350931441161169: There is nothing to shame when the greatest theft, corruption and kleptocracy is shamelessly condoned. What hypocritical, pretentious rubbish are you talking about, PAS?

Anonymous_3f94: Shame has apparently not deterred MO1 from allegedly committing more crimes. And shame has not deterred PAS from collaborating with MO1.  

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