Nik Abduh realises 'hate and fake' can’t move masses


7 Jul 2017, 1:48 am

Updated 3 years ago


YOURSAY | ‘PAS has truly ‘ganti’ Umno and it has taken over Umno's role.’

Nik Abduh says Harapan unfit to replace BN, blames DAP

Vgeorgemy: PAS central committee member Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz now realises their hate and fake sermons are not influencing substantial population, especially the less privileged and marginalised section.

Now he is on a new path of divisive politics - to attack the democratic forces in our beloved country.

Basically: As they say about pointing fingers… who was it that went against the Pakatan Rakyat understanding not to push hudud? PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and his ulama gang's actions are exactly what you accuse DAP of now.

But far worse, DAP’s Lim Kit Siang may be voicing his personal admiration for Amanah’s Husam Musa, but you unilaterally steamrolled hudud while your partners protested. Is hypocrisy punishable by hudud?

You should empower your Act 355 more by adding this crime and include lying, backstabbing and double-talking as well.

Hank Marvin: This shows that PAS truly ‘ganti’ (replace) Umno; and that PAS has taken over Umno's role.

Najib and Umno can do other things now that PAS is taking over the routine function of demonising the opposition, especially DAP and Amanah.

Jaguh: Do you know how much DAP helped Kelantan during the floods? And is still helping? If you don't, shut up.

Myviews: What Nik Abduh is saying is that, whichever way it turns out, PAS in Kelantan will be replaced. If not Harapan, then it'll be BN.

Either way, PAS will be out - and that coming from a central committee member of the party.

Aziz Kader: A stupid person like Nik Abduh can be MP in Kelantan. Husam is well-qualified and has a high level of integrity. What is wrong for him to be MB of Kelantan?

Fairman: This man should not even be returned to the next five-year Dewan Rakyat session. Pasir Mas voters, look for another wakil rakyat to represent you.

The Analyser: The DAP wastes much time and energy hating PAS. Now PAS is wasting much time and energy hating Amanah.

Neither PAS nor Amanah is of any significance on Malaysia's electoral scene. One is a minor player, the other is yet to exist.

But you wouldn’t be Malaysian if you didn’t get yourself consumed with trivia in an effort to avoid facing reality.

Keturunan Malaysia: ...and, of course, Umno/BN is not wasting much time and energy getting a willing PAS to bed.

PAS to send memo to Agong on 1MDB RCI

Odin Tajué: To me, Kuala Nerus MP Khairudin Aman Razali, the essence of your message is that:

1) America is meddling in Malaysia’s affairs in seeking to seize assets (in whatever forms) purported to have been acquired with funds seemingly stolen from 1MDB.

2) Only Islamic countries have fair, just governments.

The first point clearly shows that you are ignorant and perpetuating what is clear to the informed - an untruth calculated to incite the gullible and the equally ignorant to hate America. I shan’t deal with that. Many others already have.

The second point also clearly shows that you are ignorant. Not only that, you are also obviously bigoted.

I commented two years ago, which comment of mine was published by Malaysiakini, that despite all the bad things certain Muslim individuals have been running off at the mouth about what you describe as infidels, kafirs and even kafir harbis, your fellow Muslims always either emigrate or, in times of crises, flee to the countries of those people and not to those of your fellow Muslims, although the latter countries are much nearer. We see that even right now.

Of course, the states run by your party do not seem to illustrate what you have been trumpeting.

As to a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) into the 1MDB fiasco, my personal belief is that it will, if instituted, not produce any proper results, such results being putting all the culprits away for a long time and the full recovery of all the money lost through alleged thievery.

The RCIs into the police misconduct and Project M/Project IC are, I think, excellent examples of the futility of it all.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Good luck PAS on the proposed RCI on 1MDB. Better late than never. However, what you intend to do had already been attempted by Pakatan Harapan very much earlier but to no avail.

Realistically, how do you propose to recover those assets allegedly acquired with stolen money if you resolve it internally? Bear in mind all those assets are located outside the country, mainly in the US and the UK.

Again, we ask PAS to remove its blindfold and wake up to the reality that the DOJ's actions are not to meddle in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. They only take action because the money stolen had been laundered through their financial system and in violation of their banking laws.

So, stop the political rhetoric and instead pressure the BN government to declassify the Auditor-General’s Report on 1MDB and expedite the financial audit on 1MDB, which had been long overdue.

Norman Fernandez: That is exactly why I say that Malaysia should keep out of Myanmar as the Rohingya issue is an internal matter.

Kawak: Firstly, Khairudin, look at how PAS has failed to govern Kelantan. Please do not preach if PAS-ruled Kelantan is not a model state in Malaysia.

Secondly, you are very ignorant of the web of money laundering across borders. A fool is a person who does not know he is one.

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