Kamarul Zaman becoming Hannah Yeoh?

(Updated )

COMMENT | Writing an article on Malaysiakini to defend Hannah Yeoh against the accusations of Kamarul Zaman Yusoff seems almost... redundant.

I’m sure the vast majority of readers here feel as I do that Kamarul Zaman’s accusations are, at best, extremely misguided and rather nonsensical.

That said, perhaps there are still a few things worth commenting on with regard to this fiasco, especially on the concept of politics as a vocation and the role of religion in politics.

Beforehand, however, while all of us love to hate people like Kamarul Zaman, who we ourselves perceive as haters, it may be worth briefly noting and addressing the actual point he was trying to make, before reacting too virulently.


It would appear that one of Kamarul Zaman’s main accusations is that Hannah (through an autobiographical book titled ‘Becoming Hannah’, published way back in 2014) is hypocritically advocating a greater role of religion (or specifically, Christianity) in politics, while being part of a party that strongly advocates secularism throughout the government.

I will concede that, over time, DAP has not been the most sensitive party with regard to the feelings many have about the role Islam should play in the government of Malaysia. The fact that such individuals will almost never vote for DAP should not dissuade the DAP from trying to build meaningful bridges with them.

That said, I don’t believe that Kamarul Zaman’s accusation of hypocrisy holds. I’ve never been their number one fan, but I will say without hesitation that DAP has never been stupid enough to try and openly advocate anything even vaguely resembling a “Christianisation” (or any other religion-isation) of Malaysian government...


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