Perhaps it’s time for Azmin to stop PAS ‘mischief’

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YOURSAY | ‘It is likely that PAS strategy is to reduce votes for opposition.’

PAS staying put in S'gor gov't to stop DAP 'mischief', says Sallehen

Fairman: PAS Selangor commissioner ustaz Salehan Mukyi, since you have decided to sever ties from PKR and your leadership wants to work with Umno-BN, it is clear as day that you must leave the Selangor exco. Remember, the three cabinet members were appointed (dilantik) by the MB.

All the 13 PAS assembly representatives can remain in the state legislature because you were elected (dipilih). Stop using DAP as an excuse.

After you leave, you can do whatever you want, including toppling Azmin Ali's government by defecting to BN (the Perak way), or move a no-confidence vote in the assembly.

Alternatively, Azmin can go to the assembly and move a confidence vote to remain in charge until the automatic dissolution of the legislature next year, or advise the ruler to dissolve the assembly to call for snap election.

Another thing, the PAS representatives who were elected by the voters, including the non-party members, can cross over or now become independent and throw their support to the state government.

It is time for the voters to pressure the PAS assembly representatives to do the right thing.

Mosquitobrain: Selangor PAS chief Sallehen, your party has deviated and is now power and money crazy. Pakatan Harapan is made of PKR, Amanah, DAP and PPBM (Bersatu).

Why attack only DAP? PAS should be attacking BN-Umno and keep your party president Abdul Hadi Awang in check as he is likely to bring PAS down.

Worldly Wise: Sallehen speaks for a party which failed to condemn the massive 1MDB scandal. He is not fit to talk about so-called DAP’s "mischief".

PAS has failed to show any high moral fibre. PAS has failed to outline how it will take Malaysia forward in this Age of Information Technology. What is their economic policy?

Under PAS there will be severe fines, imprisonment and public caning for "offences" which are not recognised universally. The country will sink into ritualism.

There will be no peace, prosperity and harmony consonant with rapid advances in science and technology.

Anonymous 122461436161429: I can understand PKR’s predicament with the presence, or removal, of PAS members from the Selangor state exco.

I say remove them once and for all. But PAS, its leaders and their statements are just too sickening for words.

They talk of their fellow Malaysian citizens as enemies, children of excrement and at the same time accept current leaders that have allegedly robbed us blind. That is unacceptable.

6th Generation Immigrant: It is truly an idiotic argument (one that is used to justify staying on as exco) for PAS if the party is (and was) truly an Islamist organ.

It only portrays and postures greed, dishonour, lack of integrity and the lack of respect of people’s wishes. However, if PAS is all about money, positions, and power, then it has indeed been hiding behind the cloak of religion to achieve that.

Everything in their actions and decisions makes sense today with these latest actions. Surely, the rakyat can read this openly that piety, integrity, honour and abeyance of tenets no longer hold true within PAS.

Lynn: PAS is beginning to talk like Umno. They have forgotten that the fact that they had won anything at all was because people thought they were better than this. Now they are just another racist and power-hungry Umno copycat.

Anonymous_1424794168: When DAP severed ties with PAS, Pakatan Rakyat was disbanded but DAP was still together with PKR. That's why they didn't step down.

But PAS, you are now not in Pakatan Harapan and you have also severed ties with PKR. Anyone with integrity would have stepped down.

Kamaapo: PAS is adept at inventing lame excuses after excuses. Yet so much talk of principles and values.

DAP appears to be your bogeyman, as it is for Umno. It looks like if there is no DAP, both PAS and Umno would cease to exist.

PAS may contest 100 seats, targeting victory in 40

Clever Voter: A vote for PAS is a vote for BN. Clearly there are only choices of either one or the other.

It is likely that PAS strategy is to reduce votes for opposition. In an electoral system which favours BN, it is very likely PAS will be crowded out, and end up as the biggest loser.

Politics is cruel and dirty. BN will not give an inch. They want everything. It’s unlikely they be nice to PAS unless at selected opposition seats where they are have given up on.

Wake Up: If PAS only have confident in winning only 40 seats, why are they contesting 100 parliamentary seats.

It is obvious that they want the rest of the seats to be won by BN. PAS should as well be a component party of BN.

Gerard Lourdesamy: PAS is a party of insanity. Go ahead and contest in 100 seats to help Umno and BN win and lose your deposits, which I assume will be subsidised by Umno.

The best PAS can hope for is 10 seats. They will hold on to Kelantan by a majority of less than five seats or form a coalition with Umno. They will be wiped out in Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Johor.

For Terengganu, they will remain in opposition because Umno will win with a comfortable majority of at least seven to 10 seats.

Hadi is going to destroy PAS from within, together with its exclusionary and radicalised Islamic agenda.

Umno will become the undisputed party of choice of the Malays for at least another two decades and pursue its centrist policy of Malay nationalism and Islamic moderation.

RUU 355 will be canned after GE14. There will no longer be any talk of hudud and such like.

SV: I should think the PAS strategy is obvious - ensure a BN win and reap the rewards from BN for this favour. So rightly put, a vote for PAS is a vote for Umno.

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